Canon Professional Services

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank the group at Canon Professional Services.

As a working photographer it is important to have my equipment in top-notch working condition. When the shutter broke on my camera  body at Unadilla I knew it would be an issue to have it back before my next event a week later. I boxed the body up and shipped it back to Canon in Tuesday’s UPS shipment and began to make sure the back-up body was in good working order as Raceway Park was again running on Sunday and I had work to do. As a member of CPS (Canon Professional Services) there is expedited service but when I got the email on Wednesday explaining the repair and the tracking information on Thursday evening I though that I might have my trusty body back in time for the weekend.

I picked it up at FedEx on Friday and happily used it this Sunday covering the action at Raceway Park.

Shipped out, fixed and shipped back within 4 business days is fantastic customer service.

CPS Is a must have for any Canon using photo professional.

The Beginning of Lukaitis

The Beginning of Lukaitis

Following up from the last post about the beginning of my freelance business here is the behind the scenes of the websites Lukaitis Photo and my associated Smugmug site I use to sell the photos.

When looking for a website to host and sell my photos, I frequented a couple of different photo message boards for information eventually settling on a Pro Account from Smugmug. With multiple backups and the ability to sell prints in various sizes and for various prices Smugmug was the answer. Smugmug’s easy to use backend now offers personal branding, watermarking, coupons and package pricing making it more and more useful to the professional photographer.

They offer a free trial at the link below and if you decide to sign up here is a coupon code that will save you a couple of bucks.

Start your FREE Trial (affiliate link)

or  Sign Up Now!and use the discount code below to save $5.00


With more than 1900 sales and 57000+ (at the time of writing this article) I am extremely happy with Smugmug.

Associated with the Smugmug site is the standard WordPress run Lukaitis site. Originally designed in Front Page, I changed over a couple of years ago to a WordPress self-hosted website. I purchased the domain name and set up a hosting program throughNetwork Solutions (affiliate link) and built the site from there.

Here is a screenshot of what the site looked like in early 2006 designed in Front Page.

Very basic navigation and a clean background, not bad for a non-designer building the site with a Front Page for Dummies Book.

The original design led to this one in early 2007

Offering a slightly different style. All of the gallery links directed back to a Smugmug hosted gallery thus tying the two sites together.

Switching to a  WordPress self-hosted site, still with Network Solutions, allowed a better design and an easier way of updating posts with new information. After using several Free Templates and not caring for their look, I have finally settled on the design you see here:

It is a WordPress Premium Theme designed by Studio Press. The theme name is the Landscape Child Theme and is built off of their versatile Genesis Theme framework. Since I have no experience in writing code, the basic theme was tweaked with a series of trial and error moves. The mistakes and quick internet searches combined with the Studio Press message board made it simple to make changes and get the look and feel I wanted. All of the galleries still link to the associated Smugmug gallery, but the large photo seems to draw more attention to the photography and the simple menu at the bottom left links to the appropriate gallery.

You can get the same theme for your website at the link below:

Click here to visit StudioPress. (affiliate link)

So there you have it, the behind the scenes at Lukaitis Photo.

If you like some of the stuff, we do, please visit the affiliate links in the story so I can keep on providing the same great coverage you have been used to.

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