Powersports dealers need to keep up with trends in the marketplace. Not just trends in powersports, but trends in retail as a whole. 

One of those emerging trends is ordering online and picking up in the store. It is something that every dealer should be able to implement. Once a procedure is put in place the administration of it would be fairly simple and beneficial to your customers. You’ll see it referred to BOPIS (buy online, pick-up in store) in text about the subject. 

In a recent article at RetailDive.com,some valuable information was presented. According to a GPShopper press release. 

Sixty-seven percent of consumers responding to a survey said they wanted to use buy online, pick up in-store. 

Fifty-three percent of those surveyed found waiting in line to be the most stressful part of holiday shopping. 

This is not a trend that is only for the holiday season. Think about your busy times of the year and how you can implement a program like this into your P&A department. 

I’m also curious to know how many dealers are already using a program like this?