For all of the racers that competed at Loretta Lynn’s this year. Congratulations. All of the hard work you put in training, testing, practicing and preparing has paid off. Hopefully, you came away from the ranch meeting or perhaps exceeding your goals. But, your work is not done.

Time to say thank you. And I don’t mean in a group text or social media post. I mean a real thank you, one on paper and hand written.

While the social media thank you is good and absolutely something that you should do, I recommend going one step further.

I suggest sending a handwritten thank you card to each of your sponsors. It is a straightforward task that shows gratitude to those that helped you get to the ranch and will even set you away from the other sponsored riders who are just in it for the deal. It acts like this that will forge long term relationships with the people in the industry and could lead to long term opportunities.

It’s straightforward to do.

Make a list of all of your sponsors. Be sure to include the address and contact name of your primary contact.

Go to the store and get thank you cards, nice ones, with real envelopes.

Sit down at a quiet place and get to work. Hand address each envelope in your best handwriting and begin writing your note. When you think about what to write, be specific, don’t just say thank you for your support. Perhaps a short introduction on how you finished and why their particular support helped you achieve your goals. Close by offering to send them a testimonial or image for their social media and include your email so they can get in touch.

Take the time to do this right. Don’t rush through it spelling things wrong or using the wrong grammar.