Hire Scott and Lukaitis Consulting to:

  • Write for your blog, website or media outlet. Edited and proofread content delivered in a pre-approved timeframe.
  • Provide action and product images. In RAW or JPEG format suitable for web or print use.
  • Provide media releases and monthly newsletter content.
  • Initiate and manage media interactions with respected members of the press to get your product, business or race team in front of the right eyes.
  • Develop and activate a social media strategy that delivers a return on a pre-determined objective. Can be as hands on or off as necessary to achieve goals.
  • Website development and content production. From basic to advanced we have the capabilities to deliver. Either by ourselves or with a respected third party.
  • Develop and distribute sponsorship proposals and resumes, as well as sponsorship negotiations. Help you get the support you need based upon your racing marketing goal.
  • Develop a racer website, blog and social strategy and update on a regular basis.
  • Racer, team and track marketing plans including sponsorship interactions and updates.
  • Help get your product or service in front of the appropriate athlete or audience. We use press and influencer tactics to help deliver on the objectives set forth.
  • A page by page audit of your website. We will review and provide suggestions and corrections in a detailed page by page report showing broken and outdated links, grammatical and spelling errors, and content suggestions. Price varies by website page count.

Certain restrictions apply based upon industry and customer. Please disclose all parties involved in initial introduction.