From a press release from the American Motorcyclist Association – The American Motorcyclist Association has been informed by the series promoter that there will be no national championship-level EnduroCross racing in 2019.

The promoter, WHR Motorsports informed the AMA that, due to unforeseen circumstances, the 2019 series has been canceled.

“The extreme off-road racing discipline is very important to the AMA as an organization and to many of our members,” AMA Director of Racing Kevin Crowther said. “We will continue to work toward securing a promotional partner that meets the requirements for operating an AMA extreme off-road national championship series.”

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This is a very disappointing announcement. I’ve always enjoyed the Endurocross series and have attended several events over the years. In fact, Engine Ice, where I am the Chief Operating Officer, sponsored the series for several years. When Bonnier sold the series coming into 2019, we took a step away and decided to wait to see what WHR Motorsports would do. The venues changed and we weren’t sure what the return on our investment would be. With this recent news, it appears as though we made a good decision.

The biggest positive to the series was the direct connection to the racers involved. There was a good amateur program in the afternoon and the night show was a fantastic display of skills. Plus the fans were all riders, an excellent opportunity for a brand that sells a product that people who ride need.

I’d be curious to see if the series goes full circle and ends up back in the hands of the original founder. If so, we’d reconsider getting involved.

What do you think, have you ever attended an Endurocross?