Record Attendance at MTA/Motovan Dealer Expo

Record Attendance at MTA/Motovan Dealer Expo

MTA/Motovan Saw Record Attendance at Scottsdale Dealer Expo. That’s good news. I was fortunate to attend the event last week in the very sunny, and very warm Scottsdale, Arizona.

The luxurious Phoenician Resort was the site for the 4-day event with 2 days of rep training followed by 2 days of dealer-rep-vendor interaction.

MTA/Motovan indicated that there was a record turnout with over 100 vendors and 400 North American (the US and Canada) dealers on hand to meet and discuss the latest products from the powersports industry.

The format of the show with combines lunches and evening events was well received by all and I personally liked that everything was in a single location.

As I’ve written before, I believe industry events are essential to the growth of the powersports business. It allows like-minded individuals the opportunity to bench race, make connections and build business relationships that will last a lifetime.

While many in the industry look down at doing shows, I for one really enjoy them and the new connections I make.

The New Tucker: Powerful Brands – World-Class Distribution

The New Tucker: Powerful Brands – World-Class Distribution

Last week Tucker Rocky announced a rebranding of their company. Now, named Tucker, the change represents a fresh start for the company that has been through quite a lot in the past 8 months. In November, the Mag Group, Tucker Rocky’s parent company filed chapter 11 bankruptcy announcing $440 million in debt. The company restructured and emerged from bankruptcy in April. The rebranding of the popular Tucker Rocky brand will serve as a fresh start to the powersports distribution company.

Learn more in their press release below and in the videos they produced announcing the new Tucker.

tucker logo

The new look for Tucker

Tucker Press Release

Introducing the new Tucker, a rebranding of Tucker Rocky that honors the company’s rich heritage and showcases its status as a world-class leader in powersports distribution.

“The Tucker of today offers unrivaled services to our dealers and brand partners,” emphasizes Eric Cagle, President of Tucker. “From distribution, sales and customer service; to marketing, advertising and brand building, we are dedicated to the support and growth of powersports.”

As part of the rebranding, Tucker proudly introduces a new logo. The forward-facing square and large notched “T” combine to create a symbol of speed and innovation. Bold red was chosen to represent Tucker’s passion to deliver the best brands in powersports. Known in the industry for being dedicated to supporting its customers, the all-lowercase “tucker” is appropriately friendly.

“The need for speed is innate in powersports enthusiasts and imperative as a distributor,” explains Taz Sobotka, Senior Manager of Marketing. “The Tucker ‘Power T’ logo conveys the visual allusion of speed and movement that represents the feeling of freedom we all love about powersports.”

The individual pieces of the new Tucker logo come together as one to symbolize the unified qualities that make the company a world-class distributor. The new name symbolizes the vision and values of Ed Tucker’s humble beginnings when he started the company in 1967. Over 50 years later Tucker continues to deliver the most powerful brands in powersports.

Look for the new look June 16th on location at the American Flat Track OKC Mile with Cory Texter and his CTR crew, and the High Point AMA Pro Motocross National in Mt. Morris, PA with EBR Performance/Altus Motorsports Yamaha and rider Ramy Alves.

About Tucker

Featuring the most powerful portfolio of parts, accessories and apparel brands in powersports, Tucker is the go-to supplier for retailers across the nation. In addition to an unmatched product selection, Tucker is proud of its relentlessly customer-centric culture and unwavering pledge to on-time delivery. Because of its uncompromising commitment to continuous improvement, Tucker has been earning the trust of the best dealers in the industry for over 50 years.

For more information, visit Tucker online at or on Facebook and Instagram. To inquire about becoming a Tucker dealer, contact the New Dealer Development Department at (817) 258-9255 or


So what does this mean for the iconic brand? Only time will tell but the fresh clean look and the new blood they are bringing in should set the company up for growth in the near future. The bankruptcy really only lasted a short time and I don’t feel that the dealers were negatively affected. True they lost some vendors, but they also brought some new ones in.

I’m always a bit confused at publically directed marketing by distributors, after all, they don’t sell direct to consumers but I guess when you figure in the employees at the 5000+ powersports dealers it makes sense. Parts Unlimited did it for many years with supercross. Now with WPS is taking over from them, the distributors must see a value in the marketing spend. I am happy to see Tucker Rocky, or should I say, Tucker emerge from the bankruptcy strong and excited about whats coming next. It is good news for the powersports industry.

What are your thoughts?

AIMEXpo Dealer Registration Open

AIMEXpo Dealer Registration Open

The AIMExpo has just announced that the Dealer registration is open for their 2018 event. If you are a dealer in the United States and have the slightest bit of interest in improving your business then you need to get to this show. Sure it’s Vegas and flying there from the East Coast can be a little pricey, but you owe it to your bottom line. And dealer principles, this isn’t a trip for you and your wife and kids, it’s for you, and your parts manager, accessory manager, and service manager to attend. 
There are dealer seminars you can sign up for where you can learn the latest trends in all aspects of your business. Plus where else would you have the opportunity to speak directly with the people behind the brands you sell? 
So there are my 2 cents on why you need to go to Vegas in October. What are you waiting for? 
Complete AMIExpo Press Release below.
FREE registration now open for the 2018 AIMExpo presented by Nationwide!

Registering to attend this year’s show in Las Vegas is EASY! Click on the link below for Motorcycle & Powersports News preferred access registration. You can also register other attendees from your dealership. It’s simple and it’s FREE!

AIMExpo presented by Nationwide is THE Powersports Industry’s Expo, and it’s going to be the best one yet! This year’s show forms the cornerstone of Industry Week in Las Vegas with Monster Energy Cup and Las Vegas BikeFest. With the Mandalay Bay serving as our venue and housing partner, there are many great dining and entertainment venues for after show hours networking. Join us October 11-14 as Powersports takes center stage under the bright lights of Las Vegas!

With FREE registration you will:

  • IMPROVE your business by attending the FREE Powersports DEALER Seminars presented by Powersports Business
  • CONNECT face-to-face with 500+ motorcycle and Powersports exhibitors including top distributors Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties and Tucker Rocky
  • SEE New 2019 Model and Product Launches
  • SAVE with exclusive show specials
  • Test ride the newest models from your favorite OEMs with DEMO rides at AIMExpo Outdoors!

If you have any questions about the registration process or the show, please contact Jack Young, Operations Manager (949) 517-7513 or

REGISTER TODAY to attend the 2018 AIMExpo presented by Nationwide.

See you in Las Vegas,

The AIMExpo Team


Tucker Rocky to Exhibit at AIMExpo

Tucker Rocky to Exhibit at AIMExpo

Last month, Tucker Rocky announced that they would be exhibiting at the AIMExpo in Las Vegas this October. This news comes as Tucker Rocky is restructuring following declaring bankruptcy in late 2017. The trade show landscape in the powersports business has been fascinating lately. In October 2017, it was announced that there would be no V-Twin expo in 2018 after a 17-year run. But the AIMExpo seems to experience success. The announcement of Tucker Rocky as an exhibitor is big news, coupled with the statement in November 2017 from Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties where they signed a 2-year commitment to the show. Of the Big 3 US Distributors, only Western Powersports remains uncommitted to the show. Each distributor continues to hold their own dealer/rep shows in various locations around the country, but the AIMExpo is the only opportunity for reps, dealers, and consumers to all experience the powersports industry in a single location. 

The show will be held in Las Vegas in 2018 and returns to Colombus Ohio in 2019. The addition of both Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties and Tucker Rocky are considerable additions to the show as the AIMExpo group tries to regain the show glory of Indianapolis Dealer Expo of years past. 

 Will they be successful? Only time will tell, but I think they are moving in the right direction. 

Register for the 2018 AIMExpo 

Dealer Registration

Exhibitor Information

General Information

Read complete Tucker Rocky announcement press release below. 

Tucker Rocky to Exhibit at AIMExpo presented by Nationwide this October

Leading Texas-Based Distributor Joins the Industry in Las Vegas

IRVINE, Calif.  – The American International Motorcycle Expo presented by Nationwide (AIMExpo) has added another industry powerhouse to its showfloor with Tucker Rocky making its commitment to the 2018 show this October 11-14 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. The sixth-annual event makes its West Coast debut where it will again serve as the rallying point for collectively moving the powersports industry forward. The Texas-based distributor will have a significant presence on the showfloor, as the company recognizes the importance of the show and its impact on the future of the industry.

Dealers and consumers fill the entry to AIMExpo

“AIMExpo is a great venue to engage dealers and to showcase new products with our brand partners,” said Kenan Ikels, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tucker Rocky. “The Motorcycle Industry Council produced show serves an important purpose as the place for the industry to come together for business today, while building a future path for dealers and the rest of the industry. That’s why Tucker Rocky will be in Las Vegas, and we invite our customers to join us.”

As one of the leading distributors of motorcycle and ATV aftermarket parts, accessories and apparel, Tucker Rocky offers tens of thousands of products to its large dealerbase. Tucker Rocky recognizes the critical role dealers play in the future of the powersports business and reaffirms its commitment by engaging with these dealers and joining the industry in Las Vegas.

Tucker Rocky Logo

“As an important distributor partner to dealers, Tucker Rocky is a key addition to the show.  Research from prior shows indicates the top reasons dealers attend are to see new product and meet with their distributor, and we welcome the Texas-based company’s plans to do exactly that,” said Larry Little VP and GM of MIC Events. “This is a very important time in the powersports business and we look forward to working closely with the Tucker Rocky team, communicating to their dealers the value of attending this year’s show and uniting the industry in Las Vegas.”

Be sure to stay tuned to the website and keep up to date on exciting news as it happens by visiting AIMExpo’s social media pages. “Like” the American International Motorcycle Expo on Facebook, and “Follow” on Twitteror Instagram: @AIMExpo.

Are You Educating Your Staff?

Are You Educating Your Staff?

I wrote about this topic back in July. Educate Your Staff – Invest in Knowledge 

At that time I suggested that you organize a training program during the winter downtime. Well, did you? Are you already experiencing the fruits of your labor?

Hopefully, you did. But if you’re like a large portion of the industry you got caught up in the day-to-day and never implemented a program. Well, it’s not too late. There is still a little time to invest in your staff before the season gets into full swing.

And if you don’t have enough reasons this post on Why Invest in Training Your Staff gives you more reasons to get moving and do something.

So there you have it. Do something today to start a training program and schedule. Your bottom line will thank you for it.

Make a list and check it off.

Make a list and check it off.

This article originally appeared at Powersports Business Online, February 21, 2018.

We all have lists in our life. We make to-do lists, lists for groceries, home improvement lists and bucket lists. We make lists of all kinds. But what about lists within your dealership?

Each department and job role should have a checklist of some sort, something to keep everyone on track when things get busy and something to prompt action when it’s slow.  Remember, you can’t expect what you don’t inspect so make sure your list includes checking on all of the lists that the staff keeps. A random inspection will make sure everyone is accountable to their list.

A checklist is a useful tool for employees at every level. From the newbie to the most seasoned veteran. New employees should use these lists to understand the process of their job while the seasoned pro can use it to make sure they’re still on track and not missing something. Essential items are sometimes forgotten, even with years of experience. Here are a couple of ideas for each department that you can start with and build on:

Service department

When the customer brings in a vehicle are you asking all of the essential questions? When was the last time you changed the oil? What about the coolant or brake fluid? Often these fluids are missed and could cause failure further down the line. Include items like these on your checklist. It’s essential to have a dialogue with the customer to ensure that you return their machine in optimum condition. The list should also include any damage or blemishes on the vehicle. You don’t want to be held responsible for something that didn’t happen in your shop. While we’re on the subject of damage, are you taking digital images of the vehicle when it’s dropped off for service? Thorough documentation of the condition of the vehicle is time well spent when it comes to damage liability.

What about a technician’s checklist to complete once the job is finished? Are warranty parts tagged and saved appropriately? Are the nuts and bolts given a final once-over? What about the fluids? Everything topped off?

And speaking of warranty claims, is everything filed correctly? You might want to create a list just to ensure the OEM does not reject these claims. As they say, dotting the “I’s” and crossing the “t’s.”

Parts and accessories

Checklists in this department can vary widely but include items that improve the customer experience. When looking up parts, discuss the job at hand with the customer and ensure they have everything they need. Gaskets, bearings, seals, loctite, new nuts, and bolts, etc, Don’t leave anything out. There is nothing worse than starting a job and not being able to finish it because a gasket or seal is missing. Suggestive selling reminders are great for checklists. Don’t forget about housekeeping checklists that prompt you to keep the display and merchandise in top condition. Are you gathering the customer’s information for your marketing database? These are items that could to be included in a checklist.

Sales and F&I

Here is where checklists are critical as we are often talking about legal documents that can’t be missing information. Pre-delivery and delivery checklists. Documentation checklists and so much more. Save yourself time, money and embarrassment and eliminate costly errors with a proper checklist system.


Marketing is about delivering a consistent message to your customers. You can use a checklist to ensure items aren’t missed. You should build your social media plan with a checklist and monitor it with one as well. What about traditional media and co-op? Is your marketing adhering to those co-op rules? A checklist that outlines these critical items would be beneficial. Are you conducting events or shows on or off-site? Creating a checklist of events and shows will help to eliminate mistakes and last minute headaches associated with missing items.

So there you have it. An introduction to checklists and why they are essential. It might seem like overkill at times, but a well-designed checklist will keep you and your staff on track and eliminate wasteful and costly mistakes.

What other types of checklists have you found useful?