KROC 2019 Race Report

KROC 2019 Race Report

The 43rd annual Kawasaki Race of Champions took place at Raceway Park on October 4-6, 2019.

There were two full days of racing on Friday and Saturday for youth and amateur racing and vet classes. Sunday’s racing was for the Pro Expert classes (250 and Open) as well as intermission races for amateur and mini bike riders. Below you will find results and links to media coverage from the event.

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KROC is Coming

KROC is Coming

The Kawasaki Race of Champions, or KROC, is only a couple of weeks away and its shaping up to be quite an event. The race is held at Raceway Park in Old Bridge Twp, New Jersey, and 2019 marks the 43rd annual event.

Taking place over 3 days, October 4th thru 6th, the race features classes for all levels and ages of racers and always produces great racing action.

Here is the event flyer with all of the details.

Raceway Park Area Qualifier – Race Report

Raceway Park Area Qualifier – Race Report

As you’ll probably already know, two of the side projects that I am a part of include Lukaitis Photo and NJ Motocross. And by involved with I mean 100% posts are written by yours truly. For 2019, in an effort to expand the content on NJ Motocross, I’ve begun to put together complete weekend wrap-ups. You can find the wrap-up for the Area Qualifier held on April 6&7 below.

On the weekend of April 6-7, 2019 Raceway Park hosted the Northeast Area Qualifier for the AMA Amateur National Championships that will be held in Tennessee later this summer. The area qualifier is the first step in qualifying for the event. The riders that made the cut will go on to the Regional qualifier and then the big show at Loretta Lynn’s in July.

Following is a wrap-up of the weekend.


See all of the photos by Scott Lukaitis from both days are HERE

Complete results from both days are HERE

Manufacturer breakdown –


KTM (88), Yamaha (82), Kawasaki (33), Husqvarna (23), Cobra (20), Honda (12), and Suzuki (7).


KTM (84), Yamaha (83), Kawasaki (38), Honda (31), Husqvarna (25), Suzuki (18), and Cobra (8).

Breakdown by State –


New Jersey (95), New York (77), Pennsylvania (30), Massachusetts (27), Connecticut (9), Maryland (7), Ohio (7), Maine (3), Ontario-Canada (2), West Virginia (1), Georgia (1), North Carolina (1), and Vermont (1).


New Jersey (115), New York (94), Pennsylvania (31), Massachusetts (14), Connecticut (9), Maryland (4), Delaware (4), Florida (2), North Carolina (2), Georgia (2), Ohio (2), Ontario-Canada (2), Rhode Island (2), and Nevada (1).

Bryton Carroll was on the gas both days. He won the 250 Pro Sport and was 5th overall in the Open Pro Sport. Look for Bryton to do well at Loretta Lynn’s later this summer.

Who Won What? See all the class winners HERE

Top 5 Results

Pro Sport Class Results

LL 2 – 250 Pro Sport: 1. Bryton Carroll (Yam); 2. Ricci Randanella (Ktm); 3. Cory Carsten (Suz); 4. Renato Paz (Yam); 5. Kyle Bushee (Yam);

LL 1 – Open Pro Sport: 1. Dakota Kessler (Yam); 2. Cory Carsten (Suz); 3. Jesse Pierce (Hus); 4. Renato Paz (Yam); 5. Bryton Carroll (Yam);

Dakota Kessler had a busy weekend racing his car on Saturday night at New Egypt Speedway and his bike on Sunday at Raceway Park. Kessler was 17th in the 40 lap modified final on Saturday and the winner of the Open Pro Sport class on Sunday.

51cc Class Results

LL 20 – 51cc (4-6) Special Lim: 1. Leland Jones (Ktm); 2. Lahna Macneil (Cob); 3. Grayson Porco (Yam); 4. Hunter Clayton (Ktm); 5. Cameron Martin (Yam);

LL 21 – 51cc (4-6) Shaft Drive: 1. Grayson Porco (Yam); 2. Jazai Easton-thompson (Yam); 3. Aubree Smith (Yam); 4. Ryder Zicha (Yam); 5. Hunter Clayton (Yam);

LL 22 – 51cc (4-6) Limited: 1. Leland Jones (Ktm); 2. Lyric Zicha (Cob); 3. Lahna Macneil (Cob); 

LL 23 – 51cc (7-8) Limited: 1. Hunter Porco (Cob); 2. Ryder Wren (Cob); 3. Landon Palmer (Cob); 4. Wayne Powers Jr (Cob); 5. Brenan Knack (Ktm);

Leland Jones was a double class winner taking victories in both the 51cc (4-6) Limited and 51cc (4-6) Special Limited Classes. 

65cc Class Results

LL 24 – 65cc (7-9) Limited: 1. Mason Raynor (Cob); 2. Giuliano Salinas (Cob); 3. Troy Kline (Ktm); 4. Tyler Kirby (Ktm); 5. Ryder Wren (Cob);

LL 26 – 65cc (10-11) Limited: 1. Klark Robbins (Ktm); 2. Tomek Jusianiek (Ktm); 3. Jayden Gomez (Ktm); 4. Michael Cuadra (Yam); 5. Jazuri Easton-Thompson (Ktm);

LL 25 – 65cc (7-9): 1. Mason Raynor (Cob); 2. Tyler Kirby (Ktm); 3. Giuliano Salinas (Cob); 4. Troy Kline (Ktm); 5. Brady Rodecker (Ktm);

LL 27 – 65cc (10-11): 1. Klark Robbins (Ktm); 2. Tomek Jusianiek (Ktm); 3. Michael Cuadra (Yam); 4. Jayden Gomez (Ktm); 5. Jazuri Easton-Thompson (Ktm);

Other Mini Class Results

LL 28 – 85cc (10-12) Limited: 1. Jude Smerlick (Ktm); 2. Gavin Betts (Ktm); 3. Vince Kline (Ktm); 4. Cody Beckwith (Ktm); 5. Cooper Allen (Ktm);

LL 30 – Mini Sr. 1 (12-14): 1. Braxton Keiffer (Suz); 2. Jake Owens (Ktm); 3. Jude Smerlick (Ktm); 4. Grant Davis (Kaw); 5. Brandon Nolan (Ktm);

LL 32 – Supermini 1 (12-15): 1. Jake Owens (Ktm); 2. Braxton Keiffer (Suz); 3. Tyrick Wheeler (Hus); 4. Justin Vincenti (Ktm); 5. Bryan Rosembarg (Hus);

LL 31 – Mini Sr 2 (13-15): 1. Braxton Keiffer (Suz); 2. Jake Owens (Ktm); 3. Grant Davis (Kaw); 4. Brandon Nolan (Ktm); 5. Joseph Spadaro (Hus);

LL 33.- Supermini 2 (13-16): 1. Tyrick Wheeler (Hus); 2. Jake Owens (Ktm); 3. Bryan Rosembarg (Hus); 4. Brandon Nolan (Ktm); 5. Joseph Spadaro (Hus);

Braxton Keiffer showed speed all weekend on his Suzukis. He won the Mini Sr 1 and Mini Sr 2 classes.

Other Youth Class Results

LL 35 -Schoolboy 1 (12-17) B/C: 1. Sebastian Balbuena (Yam); 2. Deegan Harper (Ktm); 3. Tyrick Wheeler (Hus); 4. Taylor Beckwith (Ktm); 5. Kashon Cross (Ktm);

LL 19 – Schoolboy 2 (12-17): 1. Blaze Cremaldi (Ktm); 2. Cole Jones (Yam); 3. Garrett Hoffman (Suz); 4. Sebastian Balbuena (Yam); 5. Ryan Friedly (Ktm);

LL 34 – 125cc (12-17) B/C: 1. Sebastian Balbuena (Yam); 2. Taylor Beckwith (Ktm); 3. Deegan Harper (Ktm); 4. Brian Espinoza (Yam); 5. Devan Maurer (Ktm);

LL 12 – Collegeboy (18-24) Spo: 1. Renato Paz (Yam); 2. Cory Carsten (Suz); 3. Ryan Trevelise (Yam); 4. Ricci Randanella (Hon); 5. Luiz Tonini (Yam);

B Class Results

LL 4 – 250 B Limited: 1. Garrett Hoffman (Suz); 2. Blaze Cremaldi (Ktm); 3. Joseph Cortigiano (Ktm); 4. Clark Denlinger (Hon); 5. Alex Phaneuf (Yam);

LL 9 – 450 B Limited: 1. Blaze Cremaldi (Ktm); 2. Cole Jones (Yam); 3. Alex Phaneuf (Yam); 4. Ryan Friedly (Ktm); 5. Tom Lees Jr (Kaw);

LL 3 – 250 B: 1. Blaze Cremaldi (Ktm); 2. Garrett Hoffman (Suz); 3. Joseph Cortigiano (Ktm); 4. Cole Jones (Yam); 5. Ryan Friedly (Ktm);

LL 8 – 450 B: 1. Luiz Tonini (Yam); 2. Dylan Kucowski (Yam); 3. Alex Phaneuf (Yam); 4. Sam Messler (Yam); 5. Joe Petro (Yam);

Luiz Tonini heading into the woods on the way to a 450B Class win.

C Class Results

LL 6 – 250 C Limited: 1. Travis Randanella (Ktm); 2. Cole Bader (Hus); 3. Charlie Mohn (Kaw); 4. Elliott Bence (Hon); 5. Brittan Lees (Ktm);

LL 7 – 250 C Jr 12-17 Limited: 1. Travis Randanella (Ktm); 2. Cole Egli (Kaw); 3. Elliott Bence (Hon); 4. Albert Haberle Iv (Ktm); 5. Cole Bader (Hus);

LL 11 – 125 C: 1. Sebastian Balbuena (Yam); 2. Travis Randanella (Ktm); 3. Cole Bader (Hus); 4. Kashon Cross (Ktm); 5. Cole Egli (Yam);

LL 5 – 250 C: 1. Dakota Nyul (Kaw); 2. Elliott Bence (Hon); 3. Ashton Kreiger (Yam); 4. Sam Northrop (Yam); 5. Jeff Ellison (Yam);

LL 10 – 450 C: 1. Travis Randanella (Ktm); 2. Charlie Mohn (Kaw); 3. Albert Haberle Iv (Ktm); 4. Ashton Kreiger (Yam); 5. Sam Northrop (Yam);

Vet Class Results

LL 13 – Junior 25+: 1. Jesse Pierce (Hus); 2. Hunter Stempel (Hon); 3. Kevin Uebrick (Yam); 4. Jason Astudillo (Hon); 5. Max Gomez (Ktm);

LL 14 – Vet 30+ Sportsman: 1. Anthony Roth (Yam); 2. Keith Rose (Ktm); 3. Robert Kirchhofer (Hon); 4. Nicholas Peccarelli (Kaw); 5. Derek Sorenson (Ktm);

LL 15.- Senior 40+: 1. Barry Carsten (Suz); 2. Wayne Powers (Yam); 3. Michael Biondo (Kaw); 4. Nathan Greiner (Suz); 5. Darren Edsall (Hus);

LL 16.- Senior 45+ Sportsman: 1. James Mcilvaine (Kaw); 2. Scott Phelps (Ktm); 3. Wayne Powers (Yam); 4. Derek Sorenson (Ktm); 5. Steve Nickerson (Hon);

LL 17 – Masters 50+: 1. Barry Carsten (Suz); 2. Brian Carroll Jr (Hon); 3. James Mcilvaine (Kaw); 4. Steve Nickerson (Hon); 5. Gary Giacchetto (Kaw);

What more can be said about Barry Carsten. He just keeps on going. This time winning the 40+ and 50+ classes. 

Womens and Girls Class Results

LL 36 – Girls (11-16): 1. Bella Kozlowski (Hus); 2. Julia Lord (Kaw); 3. Danielle Ehlermann (Ktm); 

LL 18. – Women: 1. Emily Post (Yam); 2. Sarah Post (Yam); 3. Erica Hamilton (Hon); 4. Heather Moore (Hon); 5. Kallie Kohnow (Ktm);

Non-Qualifying Class Results

LL Sat Non-Qual 25/30+: 1. Anthony Roth (Yam); 2. Kevin Quigley (Kaw); 3. Peter Cook (Hus); 4. Ralph Roccisano (Kaw); 

LL Sat Non-Qual College 16-24: 1. Nicholas Burgess (Suz); 2. Alexander Infurna (Hus); 

LL Sat Non-Qual Jr. Mini 9-13: 1. Cody Beckwith (Ktm); 2. Blake Shaver (Kaw); 3. Noah Willis (Ktm); 4. Tyler Kirby (Ktm); 5. Joseph Oconnell (Yam);

LL Sat Non-Qual Schoolboy 2: 1. Taylor Beckwith (Ktm); 2. Chris Sweeney (Kaw); 

LL Sat Non-Qualifier Open C: 1. Chase Waddington (Kaw); 2. Tyler Schmidt (Hon); 3. Jacob Cortigiano (Ktm);

LL Sun Non-Qual 51cc (4-6): 1. Leland Jones (Ktm); 2. Lahna Macneil (Cob); 

LL Sun Non Qual 51cc (7-8): 1. Wayne Powers Jr (Cob); 2. Anthony Pacella (Cob); 3. Justin Kirchhofer (Ktm); 4. James Gleason (Cob); 5. Tyler Sztancsik (Ktm);

LL Sun Non-Qual Jr. Mini 9-13: 1. Klark Robbins (Ktm); 2. Cody Beckwith (Ktm); 3. Landon Bissonnette (Yam); 4. Blake Shaver (Kaw); 5. Chase Eglentowicz (Ktm);

The next race at Raceway Park will be May 18 & 19, 2019. May 18th will be the first round of the Saturday Night Lights Youth MX – Quad and Adult Pit Bike Series and Sunday will be round number 5 of the D2MX Championship Series. Stay tuned to for event details as they get closer.

Thank you for reading. See you at the track.


Something by a Friend – Krystyn Slack MXP Magazine

Something by a Friend – Krystyn Slack MXP Magazine

One of my favorite things about the powersports business is the great friends I’ve made over the years. The talented photographers, writers, racers and team members never cease to amaze me with the work they produce. I’m making an effort to spread the word about their work in this series so that my network can see their work.

In this post, I’d like to share an article in the Canadian motocross magazine Motocross Performance (MXP) by Krystyn Slack. Krystyn was the 1st-ever female photographer and writer to Cover all 29 AMA professional supercross and motocross races in a season. She did it in 2017. This particular article is a look behind the scenes at the wives of some of the top racers in the sport. She provides an interesting look at their family life and the week in and week out struggles of a professional motocross racing family.

Click the link to see the complete issue. MXP Magazine

See more of her work on her website

A Look Back at Published Work  – ATV Sport December 2006

A Look Back at Published Work – ATV Sport December 2006

Here is a look back to 2006 and some coverage I provided to ATV Sport Magazine. The coverage was of the WPSA Quad Championship event held at Raceway Park in August 2006. The coverage ran in their December 2006 issue and I provided images and text for the 6-page spread.

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park Opens Motocross Racing Season March 18th

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park Opens Motocross Racing Season March 18th

This week I’ve been busy with drafting and distributing more press releases. The one for the Legends and Heroes Tour announcing Joe Burke as the Legend for the St Louis Supercross and the one below announcing the 43rd consecutive motocross season at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ. The Raceway Park release was not only picked up by the motorcycling community but by several local news outlets including

I’ve also posted a quick video announcing the 2018 schedule. It can be found following the release below.

Iconic New Jersey Track Opens for 43rd Consecutive Motocross Racing Season

Englishtown, NJ, March 15, 2018- Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey will open its motocross racing season on March 18th. The 2018 season marks the 43rd year that the facility has hosted motocross racing events making it one of the longest consecutively running race tracks in the country.

Famous for the annual Kawasaki Race of Champions held each October the Kawasaki Motor Corp and their participating dealers have supported the event for more than 40 years. The race has seen the whos who of amateur racing and the 2018 version will surely be a must to attend.

The iconic facility in central New Jersey has hosted a wide variety of activities on the premises and will continue to do so in 2018. Despite the closing of the drag strip portion of the property, Raceway Park will keep most of its operations. Events like the spring and fall auto swap meets, numerous car shows, both motocross racing and practice, kart racing, as well as drifting, a full schedule of road course activities, mud runs, monster truck shows, musical concerts, & festival events and more will all continue at Raceway Park.   

The opener on March 18th will be the last event on the current racetrack. Following that race, all motocross operations will move to another portion of the property where a new racetrack is under construction. The move will enable the motocross operations to expand and provide a better racing and spectator experience. The newly built track will take advantage of a more substantial footprint providing a new layout suitable for racers of all skill levels. A rebuilt plunge and staircase will maintain the feel of the old track with a new updated flavor.

“Raceway Park has been such a big part of many lives over the years including my own,” said Raceway Park Track Manager Rich Trevelise. “I hope everyone that can make it out for the last race on the existing race track.  So many top riders have rolled wheels through the gates at Raceway Park it is a privilege to be part of the facility. It will be sad to see the existing track demolished, but in the same breath, it’s exciting to make a move to take things to the next level.  We have always tried to accommodate the racer, and with the new track and layout, it is going to be exciting. Moving the track will be a monumental task to accomplish during the early part of the season, but we are up to the challenge. I would like to thank the entire Napp family for keeping motocross alive and well in New Jersey, and also thank Ken Landerman and Jay Irwin for all they accomplished in the past that put Raceway Park Motocross and the Kawasaki Race of Champions on the map.”

Following the March 18th opener, the track will host an additional nine events for all two-wheel classes. Also included in the 9 season events are several unique races including the NJ State Championships in August and the 42nd annual Kawasaki Race of Champions in mid-October.

2018 Motocross Racing Schedule

  • March 18 – Opening Day
  • April 22
  • May 13
  • May 27 – AMA Pro-Am Event
  • June 24 – District 6 Henrietta Classic Series
  • July 15
  • August 26 – NJ State Championship
  • September 9 – District 6 Henrietta Classic Series
  • October 19-21 – 42nd Annual Kawasaki Race of Champions – 3 moto format
  • November 4

The track will also host a 6 round Youth MX and Quad series that will take place on Saturday mornings before many the other racing events.

2018 Youth MX & Quad Series

  • April 21
  • May 12
  • May 26
  • June 23
  • July 14
  • September 8

For more information on Raceway Park Motocross, along with all of the other activities available, visit them online:

About Old Bridge Township Raceway Park– Founded in 1965 as a drag strip the facility has evolved into more than 500 acres of motorsports and family fun. The facility contains a motocross track, a 1.3-mile road course, competition kart racing track, autocross, ride & drive site, airport and more. From March through November, Raceway Park hosts a full schedule of motorsports events including; AMA-sanctioned motocross racing, ATV racing, kart racing, road course events, corporate gatherings, the annual Englishtown Swap Meet & Auto Show, the largest monster truck shows in NJ and much more. Visit for the complete schedule.