Earlier this month, Feld Entertainment announced the Monster Energy Supercross Schedule for 2020. With 17 rounds in 18 weeks, the series crosses the country with stops in 13 states along the way. Both California and Florida will host multiple rounds (California, 4 – Florida, 2). Other states included in the 2020 schedule include Missouri, Arizona, Texas, Georgie, Indiana, Michigan, Washington, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Utah.

The 2020 schedule is interesting for several reasons. Sure the series will enjoy its traditional start in Anaheim, CA for round one, but rather than staying out west as they’ve done for several years, for 2020 the tour will head east to St Louis and then back out west for the additional California and Arizona rounds. The New Jersey round has been replaced by Massachusetts, Houston is off the schedule and the final round is no longer in Las Vegas, but instead in Salt Lake City, Utah.

By now I’m sure you’re scratching your head wondering what the heck are they thinking. And yes, from the outside it seems like they’re crazy. But there is a method to the madness.

You need to realize that supercross is a business and you can’t just take over a stadium for a week whenever you want. You need to keep in mind what else might be going on in these venues. Concerts, football game, and even conventions can affect the availability of the venue and the associated resources needed to put one of these events together. The logistics of moving tons of dirt in and out of a stadium takes time and the scheduling around that is a massive game of chess.

So the finale will not be in Las Vegas and I’m sure the after parties in Salt Lake City will be a bit tamer than Vegas, but, when a city wants you there and is willing to step up promoting not only their event but the sport of supercross as a whole.

The 2020 schedule also includes a 10 round Supercross Futures program. After 2 successful seasons of running these events, Feld has upped the ante to 10 rounds for the upcoming season. Missouri, California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Utah will all host these amateur events on Sunday following the supercross. The futures events act as a proving ground for all levels of racers, giving them the opportunity to compete inside the stadium that their heroes competed on the night before. The tracks are toned down from Saturday night’s main event but the racing is no less enjoyable.

So when you look at a schedule and wonder why. realize the business of racing behind it and give the organizers the benefit of the doubt that they are giving you the best event and series that they can.

See you at the races.

Read the complete news release announcing the 2020 schedule.