This week I’d like to recognize Steve Yenik.

Back in 1984, I was just a kid going into VIP Cycles as a customer. Steve was the parts manager and in a conversation, the subject of a part-time job for me came up. You had to be 15 years old to work in NJ at the time and the week I turned 15 I started at VIP. That opportunity set me on the path to what I am doing today some 37 years later.

I remember one of my first tasks in the parts department was to count spark plugs for inventory. I can still see the room in my head and all of those little yellow NGK boxes. Over the years I would run into Steve here and there and always remark how I’m still working in the powersports industry.

Steve is also still involved in the powersports business as a sales rep in the New England area and I was fortunate to catch up with him at SEMA earlier this month in Las Vegas.

I am grateful to Steve for giving me a chance and still being a friend today.

Photos courtesy Rene Kotopoulis, Richard DeLibertis, Raceway News, and Steve Yenik.

What is Friends Stuff Friday?  I am fortunate to have some incredibly talented friends and acquaintances, and I got to thinking, how can I let the world know about them and what they do? That’s where this post comes in. Each week, I’ll gather up some of the cool stuff that people I know have done or are involved with and post it here for everyone to see. If you like what they are doing, give them a follow, drop them a message, and let them know how cool what they are doing is. I have to admit, this isn’t an original idea; I did something like it on social media a long time ago; I just felt it was the right time to get it going again. #celebrateyourfriends