Here are a couple of stories that came across my desk that I think are relevant and interesting to the powersports business community.

1 – SUPER73 Makes Major Product Announcements

Since its inception, California-based SUPER73 has challenged the conventions within the emerging e-bike community and helped expand the perception of personal transportation. The founders never wanted to limit their horizons, establishing the company as an American lifestyle adventure brand specializing in electric motorbikes. And with this mindset, a range of increasingly sophisticated electric motorbikes have emerged from the SUPER73 headquarters in Irvine, California. Each new model brought a stepped improvement in terms of technology and rider enjoyment, and 2022 will herald a new chapter in the fast-paced SUPER73 story when the biggest expansion plans to date are revealed.

Entry-Level SUPER73-Z Miami

SUPER73, Z-Miami
SUPER73-Z Miami

This new model is an evolution of the iconic Z1, one of SUPER73’s original products. The Z1 has been its most successful e-bike to date, thanks to its accessibility in terms of seat height and cost. The new SUPER73-Z Miami will continue to provide a fun and accessible entry point into the world of SUPER73 but with a raft of updates inspired by community feedback.

The new Z Miami features an extensive list of significant improvements to refresh the entry-level model, including a lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy frame with improved ergonomics. The new frame construction will help to reduce weight, making it the lightest bike in the SUPER73 full-size lineup. This lightweight construction allows for easier transportation of the bike as well as improved agility while riding.

Additionally, the Z Miami has been upgraded with a convenient, removable battery, allowing more charging options. The model also comes with a new motor that will provide greater performance and the option of pedal assist. The SUPER73-Z Miami has even gained Bluetooth connectivity via the flexible SUPER73 phone app, which enables the user to change rider settings and more.

The internally geared brushless DC hub motor is capable of 1,200 watts of peak power. Coupled to a durable 615 watt-hour removable battery, the SUPER73-Z Miami is capable of providing more than 30 miles of range at 20 mph under throttle-only operation or approximately 50 miles of range using ECO pedal assist mode via the selectable riding modes in the SUPER73 phone app. Additionally, it will be supplied pre-wired for easy installation of optional accessory lighting. 

The 28-inch seat height will comfortably accommodate riders between 4-feet-6-inches and 5-feet-11-inches. This will allow the vast majority of people to enjoy the new SUPER73-Z Miami, which is a fun and accessible entry point into the world of SUPER73.

When it arrives in Spring of 2022, the Z Miami will be available in a fresh range of colors, including Powder Gray, Panthro Blue, Sriracha Red and Prickly Pink. The new model will also be compatible with a wide range of SUPER73 accessories, allowing riders to fully personalize it.

SUPER73-R Brooklyn

Launched in 2020, the flagship SUPER73-R and RX models have proven hugely popular with riders looking for a versatile electric motorbike that offers full suspension, high-performance disc brakes, a lightweight aluminum frame, and one of the most powerful motors in its class. The two models were very similar, which could make it difficult for customers to differentiate between them, and so it became apparent that additional features were needed for the R model.  

To address these observations, the SUPER73 design and engineering teams decided to provide greater clarity between the two products. For the 2022 Model Year, the SUPER73-RX will continue to offer a more overt off-road vibe, while the SUPER73-R Brooklyn will be focused on “street performance.” As such, it gains new street-specific SUPER73 LZRD tires for extended commuter rides. The tires were designed with micro knurling to improve cornering grip while balancing tire life. With good handling on the street, this modern tire was built to tackle the urban landscape while delivering longevity. 

Other refinements for street use include a new SUPER73 mid-rise “Drago” Chromoly handlebar to give the rider better control without compromising comfort. The bar is complemented by the Speedster Low Profile seat, which allows the rider to move around more freely when cornering and helps to ensure greater comfort for longer rides.

The SUPER73-R Brooklyn now includes a front and rear lighting package plus a horn — items that were previously reserved for the RX. The R Brooklyn also gets air assist for its inverted coil spring fork to enhance comfort and control, while its two-piston hydraulic brakes are retained.

As before, the SUPER73-R Brooklyn has a powerful, internally geared, brushless DC hub motor capable of 2,300 watts peak output. Powered by a state-of-the-art 960 watt-hour battery, the R can deliver more than 40 miles of range at 20 mph under throttle activation or in excess of 75 miles using ECO pedal assist mode, selected via the SUPER73 phone app.

As part of the 2022 MY update program, the SUPER73-R Brooklyn and RX models will be available in three colors: Obsidian, Blu Tang and Dark Earth. 

The SUPER73-R Brooklyn and RX models will be available from Spring 2022 and can be ordered via


For the 2022 Model Year, all current SUPER73 models will receive new colorways to give them a fresh, new look. The new finishes will be available later this year. 

  • SUPER73-Z Miami: Powder Gray, Panthro Blue, Sriracha Red, Prickly Pink
  • SUPER73-ZX: Ron Burgundy, Panthro Blue, Agave Green
  • SUPER73-S2: Obsidian, Flannel Green, Bone White 
  • SUPER73-R Brooklyn and RX: Obsidian, Blu Tang, Dark Earth

SUPER73 Youth Series

SUPER73, Youth Series
SUPER73 Youth Series

SUPER73 has facilitated the creation of Super Squads, which have allowed owners to ride, explore and communicate together. And, one of the greatest assets to emerge from the Super Squad community is the feedback loop, which gives SUPER73 owners and enthusiasts direct access to the designers and engineers within the Californian brand’s headquarters.

The development of the new SUPER73 Youth Series is the direct result of customer requests for a kid’s bike, and it will be available for reservation from, giving children their first form of e-bike freedom. Customers can pre-order and secure their place in line with a $100 deposit at the introductory price of $995. 

The new platform came about because research revealed that a large percentage of existing SUPER73 riders had young families and were looking at ways to transform their riding experience into a family activity. This was particularly apparent during the COVID-19 lockdowns, where families were spending extended time together and needed regular “screen breaks” to keep the learning process fresh by creating real world adventures. This model will be a great way for children to get outdoors with the whole family. 

With few e-bike options for younger riders currently available, SUPER73 is seeking to create a new children’s e-bike market segment. Forging a new path, the SUPER73 Youth Series ergonomics are optimized for children aged from four to eight years old. A moto-inspired seat and modular foot controls bring a new level of ride comfort and performance for children. SUPER73 advocates safety gear for all riders, no matter their age. 

As riders grow, they will be able to graduate from the Youth Series to another model within the SUPER73 lineup, such as the new Z Miami, helping them continue to gain confidence while riding and to grow within the SUPER73 brand.

“We’re excited to create a new market that will allow families to spend more time together. We know the experience children gain will give them more confidence and independence, helping them to develop and to explore their environment. The Youth Series is the first in a number of new products aimed at younger riders, and we hope they will enjoy the freedom our products can bring throughout their lives, no matter what age,” said Michael Cannavo, co-founder and chief marketing officer at SUPER73.

Styling cues for the Youth Series pull from both existing SUPER73 DNA as well as nostalgic BMX frame elements, like the gooseneck and loop tail design. The lightweight aluminum frame provides agility and performance, and it can be easily carried by parents. The junior e-bike features stylish fat tires, a removable battery for charging convenience, and — in place of pedals — a red twist throttle to clearly communicate the control input to novice riders. 

The SUPER73 Youth Series is definitely not a toy. It’s equipped with a high-quality drivetrain and components that will ensure reliable performance throughout its life. The Youth Series is more than just a kid’s bike; it’s their first step into the two-wheeled world of fun and discovery.

The SUPER73 Youth Series will be available in late 2022.

SUPER73-C1X Concept

SUPER73-C1X Concept
SUPER73-C1X Concept

Even with all this great news, the headliner is undoubtedly the innovative SUPER73-C1X Concept. It has been designed to reformat and redefine the line between e-bike and motorcycle conventions. The C1X is a street-legal concept that will provide a “step-up” vehicle from the current SUPER73 offerings, elevating adventures by achieving motorcycle performance with dramatically reduced size and weight. 

Development of the C1X is the direct result of feedback from existing SUPER73 riders, a large percentage of whom expressed interest in graduating to a street-legal motorcycle. The radical C1X Concept represents a significant leap forward in the company’s development program to enable its worldwide band of loyal followers to make a logical transition from the existing SUPER73-RX flagship model. 

With a targeted top speed in excess of 75 mph, the production version of the C1X will require riders to possess a motorcycle endorsement to their driver’s licenses, vehicle registration and full insurance. However, its 31-inch seat height and minimal footprint mean it is lightweight and highly maneuverable, providing an ideal platform for riders wishing to pass the DMV riding test.

The SUPER73 design team began its research by studying the current crop of production motorcycles and addressing what prevented them from being accessible to core SUPER73 customers. Among its priorities was a reduction in the overall footprint of a typical motorcycle. This was accomplished with the introduction of 15-inch wheels versus typical 17-inch motorcycle counterparts. The team also took a revolutionary approach to mounting the motor rearward of the swingarm pivot point. This innovative architecture permitted an ultra-agile 51-inch wheelbase and removed the chain slack issues experienced with conventional motorcycles. Further enhancing the Concept’s agility is a mass-centralized chassis/battery configuration, the precise specification of which will remain under wraps until further testing is completed. Needless to say, SUPER73 is excited by the innovation that has spearheaded the entire program. 

Being born in Southern California, the SUPER73-C1X Concept explored utilization by urban commuters and adventure seekers alike. To this end, it will introduce a fast charging solution that will enable an 80% charge in less than an hour, providing a city range of approximately 100 miles. The Concept will also have a top speed of more than 75 mph, allowing it to bridge the gap between urban exploration and highway connectivity. With two wheels and its small footprint, C1X leaves the headache of parking to others. 

While the C1X design program began more than a year ago, it will be a moment before the public can purchase the first production units. Development is well underway, and SUPER73 is now accepting reservations for the C1X for a late 2023 production date. Reservations for the groundbreaking electric motorbike can be secured for $73, which not only allows customers to secure their place in line but also gives them an opportunity to provide feedback and stay up-to-date with development progress as the C1X moves closer to production. 

2 – Progressive IMS Outdoors Launches “Let’s Hit the Road” Sweepstakes

Progressive IMS Outdoors, the nation’s leading powersports tour connecting enthusiasts with industry-leading brands, today announced Let’s Hit The Road, a sweepstakes designed to celebrate the tour’s return to an outdoor series in its sophomore season.

One lucky winner will be the recipient of the grand prize package that includes four tickets to spend a weekend at Progressive IMS Outdoors in a city of their choice, in addition to highly sought-after tech and gear products that complement the powersports lifestyle, collectively valuing over $3,000. The sweepstakes is made possible by sponsors Bell Helmets, Brake Free Tech, Dunlop, EyeLights, Heroic Racing, Scott USA, and Spectro Oils.

Entries for the Let’s Hit The Road sweepstakes opens on Friday, March 18 and the winner will be selected and notified on Thursday, March 24, when 2022 tour ticket sales go live. Register here for a chance to win the grand prize detailed below:

Grand Prize Package:

Four tickets to a 2022 Progressive IMS Outdoors event
Four Progressive IMS Outdoors souvenir tees
Camping spot for up to three nights at Progressive IMS Outdoors
Event food and beverage vouchers
Scott USA Goggles and prize pack
Heroic Racing Hoodie
Brake Free Light
EyeRide Head Up Display
A set of Dunlop motorcycle tires
Bell Helmets – Race Star DLX Matte Carbon helmet
Spectro Oils prize pack

Visit to enter today for a chance to win the grand prize and secure your 2022 Progressive IMS Outdoors ticket at when sales go live on March 24. The official 2022 tour dates and locations can be found below, including the Atlanta venue reveal.


June 17-19, 2022

The Ranch Events Complex, Loveland, CO


June 24-26, 2022

Goebbert’s Farm, Pingree Grove, IL


September 16-18, 2022

Carlisle Fairgrounds, Carlisle, PA

New York

September 23-25, 2022
Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY


September 30-October 2, 2022

Atlanta Motor Speedway, Hampton, GA

Northern California

October 21-23, 2022

San Mateo County Event Center, San Mateo, CA


October 28-30, 2022

Westworld of Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ

Southern California

November 4-6, 2022

OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, CA

3 – Yamaha Caps 2021 with Record Support of Public Land for Recreation

March 21, 2022 – Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, announces the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative’s (OAI) 2021 third- and fourth-quarter grants totaled in excess of $250,000, bringing last year’s funding to more than $600,000. Since 2008, Yamaha OAI has been steadfast in serving the motorized and outdoor recreation community, contributing over $5 million in essential support for local and national organizations working to preserve and improve access to public land, fostering productive partnerships between recreationists and land managers, and delivering much-needed funds for safe, responsible recreation.

“The surge in outdoor recreation is both gratifying and daunting. While we love to see families enjoying time spent outside, it amplifies the need to work together to preserve and protect the land so we can appreciate it today and in the future,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s Motorsports marketing manager. “Considering the uptick in use and resulting attention and resources our nation’s public spaces require, we are proud to approve thirty new Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative grants in 2021 – the most we’ve awarded in one year since 2009.”

From inception, Yamaha OAI has selected projects with the highest potential of providing recreationists with increased and improved opportunities to enjoy the United States’ outdoor public spaces. In the latest funding rounds, the organizations awarded for support include both national and local footprints with diverse communities and interests to create a comprehensive approach to advocacy for access to public land for outdoor recreation.

“We’ve worked with Yamaha and their Outdoor Access Initiative for more than a decade. Together in that timeframe, we’ve launched our One Voice program and matched numerous riding groups with public land managers to establish formal partnerships mutually benefitting everyone’s interests in access to land,” said Fred Wiley, president and CEO of the Off-Road Business Association (ORBA). “Yamaha has a tradition of stepping into leadership roles to support the off-road riding community and ensure opportunities to ride safely and responsibly exist for generations to come.”

ORBA is among the recipients of the third-quarter 2021 Yamaha OAI grants in addition to the following organizations:

  • Future School of Fort Smith (Fort Smith, AR)
  • Lakeland ATV Club (Minocqua, WI)
  • Nevada Outdoor School (Winnemucca, NV)
  • The Great Outdoors Fund (National)

2021 fourth-quarter Yamaha OAI grants were awarded to:

  • City of Caribou (Aroostook County, ME)
  • University Medical Center of El Paso (Texas)
  • Motorcycle Riders Association (Medford, OR)
  • National Forest Foundation (Flagstaff, AZ)
  • Pathfinders Motorcycle Club of Connecticut (Thompson, CT)
  • San Diego Off-Road Coalition (Calif.)
  • Three Rivers Land Trust (Salisbury, NC)
  • Wild Rivers Coast Mountain Bicycling Association (Coos Bay, OR)

The application deadline for consideration in the first quarter of 2022 funding cycle is March 31, 2022. Submission guidelines and an application for a Yamaha OAI grant is available at Connect with Yamaha on social media via @YamahaOutdoors or search any of the following hashtags on all platforms: #Yamaha #YamahaOAI #REALizeYourAdventure #ProvenOffRoad #AssembledInUSA

About the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative

Since 2008, the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative has led the Powersports industry in supporting responsible access to our nation’s public lands for outdoor enthusiasts. With more than $4.5 million contributed to 400 projects across the country, Yamaha has directly and indirectly supported thousands of miles of motorized recreation trails, maintained and rehabilitated riding and hunting areas, improved staging areas, supplied agricultural organizations with essential OHV safety education, built bridges over fish-bearing streams and partnered with local outdoor enthusiast communities across the country to improve access to public lands. Each quarter, Yamaha accepts applications from nonprofit or tax-exempt organizations including OHV riding clubs and associations, national, state and local public land use agencies, outdoor enthusiast associations and land conservation groups with an interest in protecting, improving, expanding and/or maintaining access for safe, responsible and sustainable public use.

Updated guidelines, application form, information and news about the Outdoor Access Initiative are available at For specific questions about the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative, call the dedicated hotline at 1-877-OHV-TRAIL (877-648-8724), email, or write to:

Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative
Yamaha Motor Corp., USA
3065 Chastain Meadows Parkway, Bldg. 100
Marietta, GA 30066

4 – Taiga Begins Deliveries of Electric Snowmobiles

Taiga Motors Corporation (“Taiga” or the “Company”) (TSX: TAIG)a leading electric off-road vehicle manufacturer, today announced it initiated deliveries of its first Nomad™ snowmobiles. Taiga’s 2022 Nomad marks its world’s first electric snowmobile sale as the company continues to ramp up production. By electrifying one of the most challenging vehicles in the off-road segment, this milestone positions Taiga as an innovator in the powersports industry.

“The delivery of our Nomad snowmobile is the realization of a seven-year vision to provide riders an electric snowmobile that does not compromise performance while preserving the environment,” said Taiga CEO Sam Bruneau. “Our customers are now able to experience firsthand the revolutionary technology and cutting-edge design that makes Taiga a sustainable alternative while outperforming traditional powertrains. We are just getting started in pushing the boundaries of what our technology can do and are laser-focused on ramping up snowmobile deliveries.”

Taiga snowmobiles allow outdoor enthusiasts to consciously explore winter terrains without compromising performance, noise, reliability, and efficiency. Leveraging a clean sheet design and mechanically simplified snowmobile platform, Nomad delivers optimized functionality for workhorse tasks, family outings, or trail riding. No powertrain maintenance, customizable drive parameters, and hyper-precise throttle control contribute to Nomad’s ease of use and approachability. Bringing peak performance in all conditions and standard automotive charging, Taiga is setting the standard for durability and reliability in electric snowmobiles.

For full pre-order reservation details on electric snowmobiles and personal watercraft, please visit

About Taiga

Taiga is a Canadian company reinventing the powersports landscape with breakthrough electric off-road vehicles. Through a clean-sheet engineering approach, Taiga has pushed the frontiers of electric technology to achieve extreme power-to-weight ratios and thermal specifications that outperform comparable high-performance combustion powersports vehicles. The first models released include a lineup of electric snowmobiles and personal watercraft to deliver on a rapidly growing demand from recreational and commercial customers who are seeking better ways to explore the great outdoors without compromise.

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable securities laws, including statements with regards to the anticipated performance of customer deliveries, the expected production times and customer demand for Taiga’s products. Forward-looking statements generally, but not always, can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as “outlook”, “objective”, “may”, “could”, “would”, “will”, “expect”, “intend”, “estimate”, “forecasts”, “project”, “seek”, “anticipate”, “believes”, “should”, “plans” or “continue”, or similar expressions suggesting future outcomes or events and the negative of any of these terms. Forward-looking information involves known and unknown risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond the Company’s control, that could cause actual results to differ materially from those that are disclosed in or implied by such forward-looking information. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, those described in the management’s discussion and analysis for the three and nine month periods ended September 30, 2021, and under “Risk Factors” in the final non-offering prospectus dated March 26, 2021, of Taiga (formerly Canaccord Genuity Growth II Corp.).

Forward-looking statements reflect management’s current beliefs, expectations and assumptions and are based on information currently available to management. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, as there can be no assurance that the future circumstances, outcomes or results anticipated or implied by such forward-looking statements will occur or that plans, intentions or expectations upon which the forward-looking statements are based will occur. By their nature, forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contemplated by such statements.

All forward-looking statements included in this news release are qualified by these cautionary statements. Unless otherwise indicated, the forward-looking statements contained herein are made as of the date of this news release, and except as required by applicable law, Taiga does not undertake any obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statement, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. 

5 – Lucas Oil Partners with National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation

Lucas Oil Products, the world leader and distributor of high-performance automotive additives and lubricants, today announced a multi-year partnership with the National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation. As part of the partnership, Lucas Oil will develop a fundraising and awareness campaign in support of the Foundation’s overall mission to commemorate the stories of Medal of Honor recipients, unite Americans around what it means to be patriotic, and inspire us to find the hero within ourselves.

“I cannot think of a better way to honor our country’s patriots than creating a permanent home for these stories of courage, devotion to duty, and personal sacrifice,” said Lucas Oil Vice President of Strategy and Philanthropy, Katie Lucas. “Lucas Oil is a product of the American Dream, which only underscores the importance of giving all those who served the recognition they deserve and honoring the tremendous role their service and sacrifice have played in protecting our freedoms and the American way of life.”

To be located in Arlington, TX, the Museum will pay tribute to the Medal of Honor and the fewer than 4,000 individuals who have earned our nation’s highest military award, representing every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces across every major conflict since the Civil War. State-of-the-art exhibits and a dedicated Leadership Institute will allow Americans of all ages, and from all walks of life, to reflect on values the Medal represents and the tremendous impact of all U.S. military service members and veterans. Groundbreaking on the Museum will take place on March 25, National Medal of Honor Day.

“We are delighted to have the great patriots of Lucas Oil join us in our crusade to inspire patriotism in our people through the lives and example of some great American warriors,” said Medal of Honor recipient and retired Army General Patrick Brady.

To date, the NMOHMF has raised over $167 million for the project in recognition of the highest American military award for valor, and Museum groundbreaking is scheduled for early this year. In December, President Biden signed into law the National Medal of Honor Monument Act which authorizes the Foundation to construct a Medal of Honor Monument in Washington, DC. The legislation passed both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate unanimously 416-0 and 100-0, respectively which is further evidence of the unifying power of this long-overdue project.


Mr. Stefan Pierer, KTM AG CEO and the current Motorcycle Sport Manufacturers’ Association (MSMA) chairman for a period including 2021-2022, met with Mr. Biense Bierma as the new General Secretary begins his rounds of MSMA participants in what is a new era for the association.

KTM opened doors to Mr Bierma in Austria as the union of the principal manufacturers for sanctioned world championship racing continues to flourish. The MSMA features the management committees of a number of companies and brands at the top level of motorcycle competition including all six of the leading firms in MotoGP™: Aprilia, Ducati, Honda, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha.

The MSMA was created 30 years ago as a representative body for the constructors taking part in Grand Prix. Its objectives are to foster the development of motorcycle sports and enhance their worldwide image and reputation together with the FIM and series’ promoters.

It not only helps in deciding sporting and technical rules but also pushes for other short and long-term concerns such as safety protocols, costs and sustainability in a range of series’. The MSMA is one of four entities in the MotoGP Grand Prix Commission (together with the FIM, Dorna and IRTA) but is also implicit in the management process of championships both onroad and offroad.

Stefan Pierer, CEO KTM AG & current MSMA Chairman: “The last two years have been challenging in a number of ways for the motorcycle industry and there has been strong solidarity between the manufacturers through the MSMA. The new appointment of the General Secretary, Biense Bierma, should allow us to continue in this positive direction both for wider subjects as well as sporting ones in highly visual and important championships such as MotoGP. We are thinking about safety, we are thinking about sustainability and we want to work on the long-term future of racing whether it is with slick tires or off-road treads. It was a pleasure to talk with Biense in his first trip to KTM and as he starts the process of visiting all the manufacturers. We are sure that we will be able to work efficiently and smoothly for the benefit of the brands as well as the sport in the years to come.”

Biense Bierma, General Secretary MSMA: “It was a great honor to meet Mr. Stefan Pierer as the MSMA Chairman and the CEO of KTM AG and to have an open talk about racing in general and the long-term future of racing for both onroad and off-road. To be able to visit the KTM facilities, meeting and knowing other people for me is of highly added value and I’m really looking forward visiting other manufacturers soon. I want to thank Stefan for his trust and the trust of all the other manufacturers to represent them collectively in all their motorsport activities for now and the future.”

7 – MIC Board of Directors Elects Officers, Welcomes New Directors

The Motorcycle Industry Council Board of Directors re-elected officers and welcomed three new directors.

The board re-elected the officers who were selected in the December special election held after the previous chairman, Paul Vitrano, stepped down. In this month’s meeting, Chuck Boderman of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. was re-elected chairman of the board; Kawasaki’s Bill Jenkins was re-elected as vice chairman; and Jim Woodruff of National Powersport Auctions was re-elected as treasurer/secretary.

“The MIC board reflects the financial investments made by the ten largest OE members and adds new voices to our discussions about current challenges and the industry’s future,” Boderman said. “We will continue to support the growth of the powersports industry and its expanding landscape. I welcome the new directors and I look forward to working on behalf of the entire powersports industry.”

The new MIC board includes representation from across powersports:

Nicole Allen, Comoto Holdings
Chairman Chuck Boderman, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Derek Brooks, Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.
Jeff Brown, EagleRider
Tim Calhoun, Hisun Motors Corp., U.S.A.
Kerry Graeber, Suzuki Motor USA, LLC
Robin Hartfiel, Dealernews
John Hinz, KTM North America, Inc.
Vice Chairman Bill Jenkins, Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.
Erik Larson, Piaggio Group Americas*
Joey Lindahl, Polaris, Inc.
Rod Lopusnak, Triumph Motorcycles America
Shawn McLean, BMW Motorrad USA*
Jeff Proctor, BRP, Inc.*
Secretary/Treasurer Jim Woodruff, National Powersport Auctions

The complete list of MIC Board members can also be found here.


FactoryONE Sherco has announced a new “fueling” sponsorship with Hammer Nutrition. The Whitefish, Montana, company is the originator in endurance sports nutrition, having gotten its start more than 30 years ago. During that time, it has developed the most effective, natural products free of added sugars, artificial colors, flavors, chemicals and preservatives. It uses only complex carbohydrates, the highest quality proteins and ingredients in its 100% made in the U.S. products.

“I am thrilled to formalize our partnership with the FactoryONE Sherco Team,” said Hammer Nutrition founder Brian Frank.”  We’ve supported many of their riders individually for many years, so it’s great to be able to expand our efforts to help all of their riders and mechanics with an effective hydration and nutrition program, allowing them to perform at their best every time they compete.”

As the official nutrition partner of FactoryONE Sherco, Frank and his team have developed enduro and trial specific fueling and recovery programs that hone in on the athletes’ particular needs, whether is a six-hour hard enduro or for the three loops of a trials national. For more information about these sport specific packages, visit

“As an endurance athlete, I have always relied on Hammer products,” said Sherco USA’s Chief Marketing Officer Bryan Kraham. “From the Ironman triathlon to 100k trail runs, they have always fueled me to the finish with no GI distress. I also rely on Hammer products while I am on my Sherco. I tell my endurance friends that there is no better full body workout than riding a dirt bike for a few hours. While riding, I will use everything from gels to hydration and other forms of fueling,” continued Kraham. “At my age, I really depend on their recovery products that help me get right back on the trail the next weekend. It is great to see Brian taking his love for off-road motorcycles and his passion for proper fueling and combining them into one.”

9 – Drag Specialties adds Northeast region sales rep – and his six bikes!

Drag Specialties has announced that Ralph Bonin is the newest sales rep for the Northeast region covering New Jersey.

Bonin comes to the company with vast industry knowledge on the dealership level, having held positions ranging from service to sales to management and is also involved in motorcycle safety awareness. His extensive riding experience includes growing up on dirt bikes, racing ATV MX and riding 10-15K miles a year on one of his six motorcycles. His current “daily” ride is a 2015 FLHP hot rod.

Ralph Bonin

In his free time, Bonin enjoys spending time with two sons and their hobbies as well as being a musician, playing guitar, bass, drums and writing and recording his own music.

10 – Industry Leader Mel Harris PassesFrom Cycle News

Mel Harris, best known for his years heading up the motorcycle division of Suzuki in America, died on Sunday, March 20, 2022, after a two-year battle with cancer. He was 76.

Industry Leader Mel Harris Passes

Harris moved up the ladder at Suzuki, starting with the company in 1981 as a district sales manager in New England, then to regional manager in Chicago, before becoming an assistant national sales manager, national sales manager, marketing director, and finally VP of motorcycle/marine operations.

After leaving American Suzuki at the end of 2008, Harris worked for Quantya Electric Motorcycles, ATK, and most recently for SSR Motorsports as Vice President of Operations.

Under Harris’ direction, Suzuki had some of its biggest successes, both in the showroom and on the track.

Harris was a major believer in racing and as such, during his term heading up American Suzuki, he was largely responsible for hiring one of the most impressive rosters of racers in the history of American motorcycle racing.

Travis Pastrana, Ryan Dungey, Jeremy McGrath, Nicky Hayden, Mat Mladin, Ben Spies, Aaron Yates, Greg Albertyn and John Hopkins were just a few of the riders Harris helped bring on board at Suzuki.

By far the biggest coup for Harris came in 2005, when he hired Ricky Carmichael away from Honda. Carmichael was coming off a serious knee injury and many wondered if he would continue to be the racer he was before the injury. With Suzuki Carmichael won every outdoor national in 2005, en route to totally dominating the premier class in the AMA Motocross Championship.

“Mel will be deeply missed,” Carmichael said. “I really enjoyed my time working with Mel, he was so kind and really put his neck on the line for me personally when I came to Suzuki.  I will forever be grateful to him for that.  Aside from me, he was always so respectful to everyone he was around and worked with.  He never singled anyone out and always made each individual feel like they were just as important as the next person, no matter their position.  It takes a special person to have that approach in life, and he was that guy!  He loved his family so much and my deepest condolences go out to them.”

Kevin Schwantz remembers the anguish he felt after crashing out of the lead of the 1987 Daytona 200 and how Mel did his best to make him feel better afterwards.

“I had a huge lead about three-quarters of the way through the race when I crashed,” Schwantz recalled. “I wanted to dig a hole and bury myself in it. Mel came up and put his arm around me and said, ‘You showed them what you had. You were the fastest guy out there. Don’t beat yourself up over trying to win a race. You’ll come back and get them next year.’

“So one of my all-time favorite photos is from the winner’s circle when I won it the next year, and there’s Mel in the picture with the biggest ear-to-ear grin you’ve ever seen.”

Harris’ son-in-law Ken Faught echoed what so many people thought of Mel. “You couldn’t meet a nicer guy,” Faught said. “He someone who was always encouraging and looking on the bright side of things. He was a great man and we are going to miss him.”

During his career, Harris served on the Board for Trustees for the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), as well as serving as Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC).

He is survived by wife Gail, sons Scott and Shawn, daughters Kimberly and Amy and his brother Ray as well as six grandchildren.

A celebration of life for Mel will be held on April 24 from 10 am-2 pm at Pole Position Raceway, 1594 E. Bentley Dr, Corona, CA 92883. The public is welcome.

Larry Lawrence

Suzuki issued this statement:

Suzuki joins the rest of the powersports industry in remembering former executive Mel Harris who passed away Sunday after a long battle with cancer. Mel was a long-time Suzuki employee, first joining the company in June, 1981 and remaining with Suzuki through December, 2008.

During his long tenure with Suzuki, Mel held many sales positions ranging from Regional Sales Manager to his last position as VP, Sales and Marketing. Mel was also Suzuki’s representative on the AMA Board of Directors.

Perhaps Mel’s greatest strength was his relationship with Suzuki dealers. He knew many on a personal level and took pride in being a strong advocate for their businesses. Mel was also a passionate supporter of racing and was involved in many Suzuki championships in the past.

Many will remember the Suzuki dealer meetings that Mel oversaw. Determined to entertain dealers at all costs, Mel loved to try and top himself year after year. Whether he came on-stage astride an elephant, by jetpack, or suited up as “Melvis” (Elvis Presley) Mel loved to put a smile on dealers’ faces while delivering important product and sales information.

Mel was truly one of a kind and will be sadly missed. Please join Suzuki in offering our thoughts and prayers to Mel’s wife Gail and the rest of his family.

11 – SBJ Capital Sells Troy Lee Designs to 2Ride Group

Private equity firm SBJ Capital announced last week that it has sold Troy Lee Designs to 2Ride Group (2RH), the group specializing in the design and production of moto equipment and majority-owned by Eurazeo, the largest private equity fund based in France, PE Hub reported.

TLD is known for its bold, distinctive aesthetic, and the California brand will round out 2RH’s moto portfolio. TLD and 2RH will jointly develop new bike and moto products, leaning on TLD’s success in the United States and 2RH’s established presence in Europe to strategically expand the brands’ global reach.

What will happen next is a “synergistic integration” of TLD into 2RH, which will be led by TLD founder Troy Lee, TLD CEO Jason Steris, and 2RH CEO Christophe Sicaud to combine the two brands’ strengths.

“Many thanks to SBJ for partnering with me and our executive team to take TLD to this next level. I also want to thank my family who has persevered with me and helped make all of this happen. Over the past 41 years, it has been my dream and passion to create and design safety products and iconic graphic designs. I’ve had the opportunity to work with incredible artists and amazing athletes all over the world. With the 2Ride partnership, I am totally energized to continue the journey and expand my dream, and I couldn’t be more excited for this next chapter to get started.”—TLD Founder Troy Lee

“I couldn’t be more proud of what Troy, SBJ, and our management team were able to accomplish together. SBJ has been a supportive partner since day one, working alongside the team to professionalize the business and help us achieve this outcome. Joining the 2Ride Group is an exciting new chapter. The TLD and 2RH teams share a lot of the same values – a commitment and passion to deliver the safest, best-in-class protective products. This partnership will collectively make our businesses stronger, so that we can continue to elevate the TLD brand experience for racers and enthusiasts worldwide.”—TLD CEO Jason Steris

“It doesn’t seem that long ago that I first met Troy and we started talking about how to take his iconic racing brand to the next level while riding trails around Laguna. To realize that vision over the years and be a part of all the company has accomplished has been exceptionally rewarding for us at SBJ. We are confident that 2Ride and Eurazeo are the perfect partners for TLD and we can’t wait to see all the business we’ll continue to accomplish in the years ahead.” —SBJ Co-Founder and Managing Director Tom Barber

What a ride it has been with Troy, Jason, and the rest of the team since we partnered together five years ago. The success they have achieved is a testament to the authenticity of the TLD brand and the design quality of the TLD products. We can’t thank Troy enough for trusting us as his partner over the years and Jason and the team for working with Troy and SBJ to rapidly grow this iconic and enduring brand.—SBJ Co-Founder and Managing Director Bill Jesse


Riders can expect these new state-of-the-art electric Can-Am motorcycles to be perfect for everyday commuting and, to stay true to the track & trail heritage of the brand, recreational on- and off-road riding.

BRP Inc. (TSX:DOO; NASDAQ:DOOO) announces today that the iconic Can-Am brand is returning to its motorcycle roots with a product line-up that will be completely electric. To mark the 50th anniversary of the beloved Can-Am brand, the Company will launch a family of electric 2-wheel motorcycles.

“With the motorcycle industry shifting to electric, we saw an opportunity to reclaim our motorcycle heritage and to re-enter the market. This new product category is extremely important to us, and we are thrilled that Can-Am motorcycles are the first EV models in BRP’s electric lineup to be confirmed to consumers. Many of us have very fond memories of riding the early dirt bike models, and now we look forward to building on the rich history of the Can-Am brand to inspire and impress a new generation of motorcyclists and electric vehicle enthusiasts”, said José Boisjoli, President and CEO of BRP.

The first Can-Am motorcycle was introduced in 1973 and immediately reigned over motocross and endurance racing. The instant success elevated the brand to an iconic status right from the start. Half a century later, the new products have been developed with many different riders in mind, more specifically for those who crave adventure, seek the thrill of the open road, long for a quiet ride in the country or want to liven up the city streets. Riders can expect these new state-of-the-art electric Can-Am motorcycles to be perfect for everyday commuting and, to stay true to the track & trail heritage of the brand, recreational on- and off-road riding.

Such a product category has been highly anticipated and expected from BRP’s customers and dealer network. The Company is therefore looking forward to bringing this new electric product lineup to its dealers’ showroom floors, further solidifying their financial strength and reach in key markets. The first models of the complete lineup are expected to be available in mid-2024.

BRP’s existing dealers who are interested in carrying this new product line should contact their District Sales Managers. Those who are interested in becoming a BRP dealer for electric motorcycles are invited to submit a request on the Company website.

13 – Dealership prepares for 110th anniversaryFrom Powersports Business

When you celebrate your dealership’s 110th anniversary, you let the world know! Kegel Harley-Davidson in Ohio is ramping up for the 110th celebration on March 30. The dealership will host a free toast at 11 a.m. at the shop, with muffins also available.


14 – Powersports Business Honors night to recognize top dealers, staffFrom Powersports Business

As part of its 25th-anniversary celebration, Powersports Business is inviting you to join us for the inaugural Powersports Business Honors night, where we put the spotlight on dealerships, their owners, and staff who accelerate our industry on a daily basis.


15 – Parts Unlimited adds Central Region sales rep – and her race trophies!

Parts Unlimited announced that Lori Dusky is the newest sales rep for the Central region, covering Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia.

Dusky’s industry experience includes sales management on the manufacturer level as well as being a product specialist and demo rider for Kawasaki. She is an avid dirt bike racer and has won several Virginia Championship Hare Scramble Series class championships, as well as other out-of-state series, riding a 2021 Husqvarna. She also spent several years as the VCHSS awards coordinator.

Lori Dusky

In her spare time, she enjoys camping with friends and family, outdoor activities, and playing in the dirt.

16 – Volcon ePowersports Reports 2021 Financial Results and Provides Corporate Review

Volcon Inc. (NASDAQ: VLCN) (“Volcon” or the “Company”), an all-electric, off-road powersports company, today reported its financial results for 2021. The Company also provided a corporate update on its business from the past calendar year.

Company Highlights:

  • Launched development of our two and four-wheeled vehicles in October 2020, less than one year after the formation of the Company.
  • Began taking direct-to-consumer (DTC) orders for the Grunt, our first motorcycle, in late 2020.
  • Shipped our first Grunt in September 2021, less than a year from the start of vehicle development.
  •  Completed our initial public offering (IPO) and listing on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol VLCN in October 2021 and a follow-on public offering in February 2022.
  •  Signed distribution agreements for Mexico, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Guatemala, Belize and Panama with initial orders received in 2021 and first shipments beginning in January 2022.
  • Through March 2022 signed over 70 dealers with nearly 370 dealership applications now in the queue.

Jordan Davis, CEO notes, “Volcon has closed out 2021 with some great accomplishments.  Starting an EV company and delivering the first vehicle within a year of vehicle development is very rare in this industry, yet we were able to accomplish this even with significant challenges such as the pandemic and supply chain constraints, particularly with respect to battery cells and plastic. By opportunistically buying in advance of our needs, we were able to keep manufacturing lines operating, albeit slower than we would have liked.”  Davis continued “We are working to broaden our supply base by leveraging our existing relationships and establishing new ones.”

Davis continued, “We identified a number of operational areas for improvement to meet our scaling demand.  In December 2021, we redesigned and relocated our Grunt manufacturing line. This move ultimately improved single shift production capacity to nearly five times that of our previous facility.”

“In January 2022, the Company hired Stephanie Davis as chief operating officer.  She brings years of experience in manufacturing, including four wheel drive vehicles.  Stephanie Davis notes, “While we hope to make additional improvements, we are already seeing improvement in efficiency and throughput.  Throughout the upcoming year, we intend to focus on continuous improvement and lean manufacturing disciplines, as we continue to ship Grunts to market.”

Greg Endo, CFO, comments, “We have improved our operations in ways we believe will reduce costs and increase output.  However, we recognize the current challenges in the global economy and especially the financial markets.  The costs to develop our vehicles are high, and we will need to continue raising capital to meet our objective of being the leader in the EV off-road powersports industry.  We are focused on creating long-term shareholder value by reducing costs and making investments in people and processes to develop, manufacture, and sell our vehicles that we believe will make Volcon the most recognized brand in the EV off-road powersports industry.  In the short run, this will continue to be costly, but we believe it is the best plan for setting the company up for financial success in the long run.”

Finally, Davis notes “looking forward, we are focused on increasing revenue, improving profitability, and expanding our product range in part through new offerings in the motorcycle division, a foray into eBikes, and the further development of our flagship UTV, the Stag. We welcome the curves in the trail as we navigate the road ahead.”

Financial highlights:

  • First Grunt delivery to customers: On September 15, 2021, Volcon delivered the first Grunt and has delivered a total of 75 Grunts to customers in 2021 and recognized $449K in total revenue in 2021, which includes accessory sales.
  • Net loss: The Company’s net loss for 2021 was $40.1 million. The loss includes share-based compensation expense of $14.6 million and a write down of inventory and inventory deposits of $5.5 million in the fourth quarter to adjust these balances to their net realizable value.
  • Adjusted EBITDA: The Company’s adjusted EBITDA for 2021 was a loss of $24.4 million. Adjusted EBITDA is a non-GAAP financial measure, which we reconcile below and define as net loss before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization, loss on repayment of promissory notes, and share-based compensation expenses.
  • Follow on public offering: Volcon completed a follow-on public offering on February 1, 2022, in which it sold 6.667 million shares of common stock and raised over $18 million after expenses and commissions to underwriters.
  • Sustaining engineering group has made progress to reduce Grunt production costs in an effort to become profitable and improve the stability of the supply chain.

For the latest company updates, follow Volcon on YouTubeFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn. Investor information about the company, including press releases, company SEC filings, and more can be found at  Information on our website or social media accounts is not incorporated by reference into our SEC filings.

About Volcon

Volcon Inc. is an all-electric, powersports company producing high-quality off-road vehicles. Based in Round Rock, Texas, Volcon joins many major electric vehicle manufacturers near Austin, Texas, an area that is poised to become the electric vehicle capital of the world.

Volcon was founded with the mission to enhance the outdoor experience while reducing the industry’s environmental footprint so that adventurers and workers alike can enjoy the outdoors and preserve it for generations to come. Volcon produces all-electric, off-road vehicles that are designed to elevate the adventure experience and help people get things done at work and on the home front.

Volcon’s first product, the innovative Grunt, combines a fat tire physique with high-torque electric power and a near-silent drive train which started shipping in September of 2021. Future models may include the Runt, which is a youth-sized version of the groundbreaking Grunt and an eBike, the Brat. The Stag and Project X are expected to be Volcon’s venture into the rapidly expanding world of UTVs and coming in future years as the Company continues to expand.

Volcon Contacts

For more information on Volcon or to learn more about its complete motorcycle and side-by-side line-up, visit:


We believe presenting adjusted EBITDA provides management and investors consistency and facilitates period to period comparisons of operations, as it eliminates the effects of certain variations to overall performance.

The following table reconciles net loss to adjusted EBITDA for the year ended December 31, 2021 (in millions):

Net loss        (40.1)
Share-based compensation expense14.6
Depreciation and amortization expense0.2
Interest expense0.1
Loss on repayment of promissory notes0.8
  Adjusted EBITDA        (24.4)

Forward-Looking Statements

Some of the statements in this release are forward-looking statements, which involve risks and uncertainties. Although the Company believes that the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable as of the date made, expectations may prove to have been materially different from the results expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. The Company has attempted to identify forward-looking statements by terminology including ”believes,” ”estimates,” ”anticipates,” ”expects,” ”plans,” ”projects,” ”intends,” ”potential,” ”may,” ”could,” ”might,” ”will,” ”should,” ”approximately” or other words that convey uncertainty of future events or outcomes to identify these forward-looking statements. These statements are only predictions and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors. Any forward-looking statements contained in this release speak only as of its date. The Company undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements contained in this release to reflect events or circumstances occurring after its date or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events. More detailed information about the risks and uncertainties affecting the Company is contained under the heading “Risk Factors” in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2021, filed with the SEC, which is available on the SEC’s website,