This afternoon Feld Motorsports announced that ticket sales for the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross series began. (Press Release Here) 17 rounds in 18 weeks all across the country, Monster Energy Supercross is for sure something to be seen in person.

The question here is, are you going to any? For those in the Northeast, Met Life is still on the schedule, but Gilette in Foxboro isn’t. Salt Lake City and Minnesota are back, and so is Seattle.

I’ve been fortunate to attend quite a few events over the last couple of years and have to say, even if the racing sometimes isn’t exciting the events as a whole sure are. Here are my top 5 locations on this schedule and why.

  1. Anaheim 1 – Enough said. The first race of the season. New bikes, new teams, and everyone start off equal. Plus it’s in January, and it’s really nice to escape the Northeast winter and put on shorts for the day. Take a couple of extra days and check out the “moto” sites of Southern California like Pro Circuit, Troy Lee Designs, and Chaparral.
  2. Seattle – Probably my favorite city on the circuit. Stay in Pioneer Square and walk to Pikes Market during the day on Friday and walk to the Supercross on Saturday. A great time in a great place, pack a slicker just in case.
  3. Met Life – This one is a given. I can be home the night of the race. The local Northeast crowd went without a race for so long. This is a must attend for anyone within a 2-3 hour drive.
  4. Atlanta – I don’t know what it is about Atlanta. Maybe it’s the clay or the stadium itself, but this race always delivers excitement. It a short flight or 13-hour drive from NJ but always worth the trip.
  5. Dallas – The house that Jerry built is really something to behold. It’s amazing and a location you should put on your list.

Perhaps you might make a long weekend out of it and check one out.What are your top 5?