Last week MX Sports announced the schedule for the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Nationals. (News Release Here) All of the 2016 venues remain for 2017 with stops in California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Michigan, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Washington, New York, Maryland and Indiana.

Beginning on May 20th and concluding at the end of August the series takes place during the most intense summer heat and humidity, testing man and machine to their breaking points. 30 minutes + 2 lap motos are a true test of a riders fitness and stamina.

As an East Coast guy, one of the best things about the national series is the proximity to my home in New Jersey. In less than a 4-5 hour drive I can visit the events in Massachusetts, New York and Maryland to check out the great racing action and with the New York and Maryland rounds coming just before the finale in Indiana the chance of seeing a championship wrapped up are pretty good.

The close proximity also means I’ll surely see some local riders making and appearance at these races. Over the years we’ve seen riders break into the points and score good results at the “local” tracks.

So mark your calendar and see you at the track.