The business of racing composes all kinds of different jobs and careers. From the mechanical and management side of the race teams to the sales guys getting products into the dealer and onto to the media that produce the visuals around the sport there is a place for everyone.

Sure, you get to work in the sport you love and be around dirt bikes and racing but don’t forget it’s still a job. And like any job it has it’s ups and downs.

Kyle Cowling has been producing amazing video content for several years now, most recently creating the REDefined series for American Honda and the Daytona Supercross featuring Team Honda HRC. Mike Emery of Transworld Motocross has this great interview with Kyle giving you a little behind the scenes of what it takes to make it in the video biz.

Check it out-

Kyle Cowling | Holler for a Dollar by Mike Emery @ TransworldMX