For many racers the run to Loretta Lynn’s was difficult, full of ups and downs, success and disappointment but now that it is behind you it’s time to focus on finishing the season strong and work on your 2020 sponsorship proposal.

I’ve always been a believer of building relationships with your sponsors so that they stay with you during your entire racing career. Look at local racers like Barry Carsten, Barry has had virtually all of the same sponsors during his entire career and if you know Barry, it’s a long one.

One way to build these relationships is to say Thank You. A couple of years ago, I wrote an article on this site explaining how important it is to send a small token of appreciation to the companies that help you out. In today’s digital age a simple handwritten “Thank You” can go a long way.

So take the time this weekend to go to your local stationery store and pick up some thank you cards, gather your sponsor list together and get writing.

The time you spend today could lead to a meaningful long-term relationship.

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Header image by Gratisography