Back in 2016, I wrote a piece on why I felt the spring open houses that so many dealers do should be moved to the fall. Back then I felt that the timing was wrong. Why go through all of the work and effort when the springtime was typically a boom for business anyway?

At the time I suggested that holding them in the fall was more appropriate. It would boost the end of season business and allow people to get things set up for the long winter in so many parts of the country.

Well, here we are in 2020 in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. Open houses with large gathering of people are still very far away from happening across the country and even if they are allowed by government, will people turn out for them.

This makes my idea of the fall open house even better. By the end of the year, hopefully, things will be closer to normal and people will turn out in groups.

What do you think?

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