The global pandemic caused by the COVID19 virus is forcing dealers to look at their business and adjust to the new normal. Sales appointments, no contact service deliveries, and curbside pick-up are just some of the ways dealerships are operating and making sales.

But when this is “over,” and we are back to “normal,” do these things continue.

I say yes, and frankly, maybe you should have been doing it all along. Before the pandemic, these things should have been done for the customer’s convenience; now, it is for their safety.

Mass merchants have been using Buy Online and Pick-Up in Store (BOPIS) for a couple of years, and customers used it pretty extensively. In a July 2019 study by Coresight Research, they found 50% of U.S. consumers who use BOPIS have picked up goods from Walmart in the past year, and about 34% have done so at Target. They reported 64% of consumers used BOPIS to avoid shipping costs; 37 % of shoppers used BOPIS to get their goods faster, and 36% say they use BOPIS for promotional offers or discounts. Now, almost a year later, I am sure the numbers are much, much higher.

If you are having customers buy online and pick-up in the store or curbside, will you continue to use it as part of your business model?

I, for one, think you should.