This week I’d like to recognize Chris Tedesco. Chris has been at the top level of action sports photography since the early days.

One of the first guys to shoot digital, Chris’ website was one of the very early moto news sites on the internet. Chris took the opportunity to shoot freestyle motocross at its inception and made a name for himself as the go-to guy for all kinds of action sports shoots. In those early days, Chris got me a credential to cover the Tony Hawk Boom-Boom Huck Jam Tour at Madison Square Garden for his website, and one of my first professional camera bodies was one that I bought from Chris.

From those early freestyle and local motocross days, Chris went on to be one of the elite shooters for Red Bull, providing some of the most iconic photos from Red Bull Events. He’s also the guy responsible for the iconic Bubba Scrub Fox poster and many automotive images you see. Chris still shoots for Red Bull, has several regular clients, including Acura and Honda, and continues to push the envelope with creativity.

It was great catching up with him at the Race of Champions last weekend, where he returned to the place it all started to check out some local racing. He couldn’t leave his camera, so he shot some images over the weekend and posted them on his Instagram.

I’m glad I can call Chris a friend and admire his work, and I look forward to seeing what is next. Great job, Chris.

See Chris’ work at the following links.


NJ Motocross Interview from 2008

Tedesco Photo Website

Red Bull Content Pool – Chris Tedesco

Red Bull Illume

PetaPixel Interview – 2021

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