Happy Sunday – Here are six things I came across last week while living my life. I hope you find them interesting, unique, or just fun.

1 – What to Do (and Not Do) When You’re Seated Next to an Asshole on a Flighthttps://lifehacker.com/what-to-do-and-not-do-when-youre-seated-next-to-an-as-1848712457

Fortunately, I’ve been very lucky during my travels and haven’t had any travel nightmares.

2 – 40 Life-Saving Tips You Might Not Have Known But Definitely Shouldhttps://www.boredpanda.com/facts-that-can-save-your-life-adoriandeck/

3 – Gold Bronze Metallic Paint To Sample 911 GT3 Timelapse – Interesting time-lapse video

The creation of a Porsche 911 is no small feat – 1,500 workers touch each car during its two-day long assembly that starts with a shell and finishes by rolling off a line. Take a look at the process in this timelapse video of the Paint To Sample 911 GT3 in Gold Bronze Metallic from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur.

4 – 12 Clever Things You Never Knew WD-40 Could Do

Originally created as a rust-prevention solvent for use in the aerospace industry, WD-40 has become the go-to product for your home’s squeaky door hinges and stuck bike chains (Which can be counter productive as it then traps dirt and dust inside.) There’s some debate about what the product actually is, however—and what it should be used for.

If you believe the WD-40 website, the popular household fix-it spray “is a unique, special blend of lubricants.” If you believe the rest of the internet, it is not really a lubricant; rather a degreaser and water-displacing solvent. (According to the brandthe name does stand for Water Displacement, 40th formula.”) In addition to the lubricants it purportedly contains, it also has anti-corrosion agents and ingredients for “penetration and soil removal.”

Regardless of where you stand on its fundamental constitution, it’s hard to deny the product has a lot of practical uses around the house and garage—many that the average consumer of WD-40 may not be aware of. Without further ado, let’s get into some of the lesser-known ways it can aid your everyday life.

READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE – https://lifehacker.com/12-clever-things-you-never-knew-wd-40-could-do-1848698665

5 – Baker Boy covers Blur ‘Song 2’ for Like A Version

6 – Ductile manhole cover endurance test – CARROUSEL – Saint-Gobain PAM