Here are a couple of stories that came across my desk that I think are relevant and interesting to the powersports business community.


A child’s first experience on two wheels is such a memorable time, not only for the child but for the parents as well. While standard bicycles are a common first step for a child learning to ride, few products exist to help bridge the gap to a small displacement motorcycle.

From the brand behind the KX™ motocross powerhouse comes the all-new Elektrode™ electric balance bike. Little rippers can now start their journey on two wheels as early as three years old. Meaning, the path to the podium now starts earlier than ever. It’s an official welcome to world-class, high-performance, iconic Kawasaki vehicles when young riders get started on the Elektrode.

Since engine noise and exhaust can often be intimidating to young children learning to ride, the Elektrode can help encourage those who might otherwise be nervous to see how much fun riding can be. Plus, with Lime Green paint, a number plate, and motocross-inspired graphics, riders will feel like their favorite Kawasaki Team Green™ race team idol.

The Elektrode is compact in size to allow for easy transportation in the back seat or trunk of a car, so riders can bring their favorite two-wheeler on camping trips, weekend getaways, or off-road excursions. Since it is designed and built in-house with young riders in mind, the Elektrode has the build quality and reliability that Kawasaki is known for and is ready to withstand years of fun. With the help of Kawasaki’s flagship electric balance bike, now the whole family can get in on the fun and help kick-start the process of getting little rippers on their first bike.


  • NEW Designed and built by Kawasaki
  • NEW Powerful 250W in-wheel brushless electric motor
  • NEW Three selectable speed modes (low/mid/high) with passcode parental lock
  • NEW Premium disc brake
  • NEW Adjustable seat height, handlebar position and brake level
  • NEW Lightweight aluminium frame with low center of gravity
  • NEW Durable 16″ cast aluminum wheels and pneumatic tires
  • NEW Long-lasting frame-integrated battery with up to 2.5 hours of running time*
  • NEW KX-inspired styling and motocross style handlebar with twist throttle
  • NEW Foldable steel footpegs with rubber grip


The 2023 Elektrode electric balance bike is the first of its kind for Kawasaki, leading the way with an air-cooled, brushless, in-wheel electric motor producing 250 watts of acceleration at the rear wheel. Power is delivered in a smooth, linear fashion and gets the Elektrode moving in a predictable way, gradually building the rider’s comfort with power and control. Since the electric motor is virtually silent, kids will feel less intimidated by the noise normally produced by the engines and exhaust of traditional motorcycles. Strategically located within the rear wheel, the motor contributes to the Elektrode’s low center of gravity for an ideal balance point that makes for a light steering feel and easy turning and leaning. The brushless electric motor has no moving external parts, making it easy to use and giving parents some peace of mind.


The Kawasaki Elektrode is the perfect electric bike for long periods of fun thanks to a long-lasting in-frame lithium-ion battery. On a single charge, the Elektrode can run for 2.5 hours* (or approximately nine miles) and only takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge, allowing ample time for kids to play. Since the battery is built into the aluminum frame, it is better protected from dirt, debris and any potential impact damage that could occur during hard use, increasing durability. As a bonus, the Elektrode comes equipped with an auto-sleep feature that shuts off the power after ten minutes of inactivity, preserving the usable battery time and eliminating the worry if someone forgets to turn the unit off.

Charging the Elektrode’s battery is easy and convenient. The provided charging cable can be plugged into the front of the bike and connected to any home outlet, making the Elektrode easy to charge anywhere. When not at home, the battery can also easily be charged from a car, camper or side-by-side vehicle, meaning the fun can continue even while on the go.

* Running time varies based on battery age, charge and the number of charge cycles it has had, rider weight, speed, and riding conditions.


Parent-controlled multiple speed modes allow riders to grow and adapt as their abilities increase. Three speed modes can be selected using the LCD screen located on the handlebars, making it quick and simple to switch between modes. Each mode caps the electric bike at a specific speed: low at 5mph, mid at 7.5mph, and high at 13mph. The power can also be turned off, transforming the Elektrode into a balance bike that is suited for any child at the beginning of their two-wheeled journey. In order to change modes, the bike must be completely stopped, creating an extra layer of safety for both the rider and parent. A special parental lock that requires a unique passcode deters unauthorized changing of power levels.


The Elektrode electric balance bike was made with the same renowned build quality that Kawasaki is known for and ensures that the Elektrode can stand up to the hard use a child will put it through. A lightweight aluminum frame provides the durability parents expect while remaining light for kids to handle, and its compact 32.8-inch wheelbase adds to its easy handling nature. A highly rigid steel front fork adorns the front of the bike which grants riders a solid feel for steering, and a 160mm rear-mounted mechanical disc brake provides ample stopping power at the pull of a lever, giving riders a stable, easy-to-use brake that promotes learning about stopping and regulating their speed.

To keep the Elektrode light and sturdy, Kawasaki designed special 16” cast-aluminum wheels which, when paired with a low seat height, provides a more planted feel for smaller riders and eliminates the need to upgrade to a larger wheel size as children grow. 16×2.125 HE-type tires and tubes with Schrader valves make servicing easy for parents, and the knobby tires allow the Elektrode to be ridden on several different types of terrain.

The Elekrode is designed to accommodate riders from ages 3 to 8 and having highly adjustable components makes it the perfect electric bike for growing riders. With over 4” of adjustability in the seat, the Elektrode can comfortably fit children 37” to 55” tall. Folding steel footpegs with rubber pads provide rigidity and versatility on the Elektrode, allowing for the bike to easily be converted to a balance bike with a simple fold. Kids can learn to use the Elektrode as a self-pushing balance bike with no motor friction/resistance first, then graduate to using the footpegs and electric motor/throttle.The handlebar design promotes an upright riding position without compromising knee space, providing the extra room as kids grow, and with a common-sized handlebar and seat, parents will have the ability to change and customize their child’s bike as they see fit.


Inspired by the KX™ motocross motorcycles that kids see at the races or on TV, the Kawasaki Elektrode is designed to look like a full-fledged off-road machine. A KX-inspired front number plate adorns the front of the Elektrode, and with the iconic Kawasaki Lime-Green coloring and racing graphics that match the popular off-road motorcycles, kids will feel just like one of their motocross idols. The smooth, clean lines contribute to the bike’s simple, sporty looks, and the dirt-inspired tires bring the Elektrode’s sleek style together.


The 2023 Elektrode electric balance bike will be available in Lime Green with an MSRP of $1,099.

For complete product information and to download high-resolution images, log on or register for the Kawasaki media site at


Kawasaki started full-scale production of motorcycles over a half century ago. The first Kawasaki motorcycle engine was designed based on technical know-how garnered from the development and production of aircraft engines, and Kawasaki’s entry into the motorcycle industry was driven by the company’s constant effort to develop new technologies. Numerous new Kawasaki models introduced over the years have helped shape the market, and in the process have created enduring legends based on their unique engineering, power, design and riding pleasure. In the future, Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. is committed to maintaining and furthering these strengths which will surely give birth to new legends.

Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. (KMC) markets and distributes Kawasaki motorcycles, ATVs, side x sides, and JET SKI® watercraft through a network of approximately 1,100 independent retailers, with close to an additional 7,700 retailers specializing in general purpose engines. KMC and its affiliates employ nearly 3,100 people in the United States, with approximately 260 of them located at KMC’s Foothill Ranch, California headquarters.

Kawasaki’s tagline, “Let the good times roll.®”, is recognized worldwide. The Kawasaki brand is synonymous with powerful, stylish and category-leading vehicles. Information about Kawasaki’s complete line of powersports products and Kawasaki affiliates can be found on the Internet at

2 – Kawasaki releases 2023 Jet Ski model lineupFrom Kawasaki

Kawasaki today released its 2023 Jet Ski model lineup, with the 2023 Kawasaki Jet Ski SX-R 160 four-stroke stand-up personal watercraft, premium Jet Ski Ultra 310 series and Jet Ski STX 160 series.


Whether out for some weekend fun or racing competitively, the Jet Ski SX-R 160 personal watercraft features powerful thrust and agile rider-active handling from the V-shape hull and produces plenty of low-to-mid-range torque from its 1498cc 4-stroke engine. This makes the stand-up personal watercraft fun and accessible to many riders thanks to the hull which is long and wide, providing stability for beginning riders.

The 2023 Jet Ski SX-R 160 stand-up watercraft is available with an Ebony/Lime Green colorway and an MSRP of $11,399.


The Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310 series boasts a liquid-cooled, supercharged, in-line 4-cylinder, 1,498cc engine and digital fuel injection. Riders can select from four power modes (full, middle, low and SLO) to suit their riding conditions or skill level. Its race-inspired hull allows the Jet Ski Ultra 310 to be handled with accuracy and precision. Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM) offers two modes to benefit acceleration, while Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD) allows for reverse assist options when navigating tight spots.

A 7-inch TFT instrumentation adorns the dash of the Ultra 310 series and features Bluetooth connectivity as well as multiple display modes. The large-capacity 32.8-gallon front storage area and 10.6 gallons of storage on both the left and right side of the unit offer plenty of space to store items. The 2023 3-passenger supercharged Jet Ski Ultra 310X comes in an Ebony/Metallic Electric Turquoise colorway with an MSRP of $17,999.

The Jet Ski Ultra 310LX-S includes all of the great features offered on the Ultra 310 series as well as an exclusive ULTRA Deck with an extended rear deck and 7.9 inches of additional staging platform for water play and storing gear. Two multi-mount rails are built into the ULTRA Deck to accommodate additional accessory slide mounts and provide accessible tie-down points.

It also comes equipped with a rearview camera that can be monitored on the instrument panel when in use and stylish LED accent lights that have been added to the front of the Jet Ski. The 3-passenger supercharged Jet Ski Ultra 310LX-S is offered in an Ebony/Lime Green colorway with an MSRP of

The Jet Ski Ultra310LX takes luxury and style to the next level, featuring all of the great performance and convenience of the Ultra 310X and Ultra 310LX-S while adding an incomparable seat and sound system. The industry-first 3-position ERGO-FIT adjustable LXury seat is designed for comfortable cruising for up to three people. JETSOUND 4s is a highlight of the Ultra 310LX, making it the first standard-equipment 4-speaker integrated audio system feature with jog-dial control and Bluetooth connectivity featured on a personal watercraft.

The 3-passenger supercharged Jet Ski Ultra 310LX is available in an Ebony/Metallic Shadow Gold colorway with an MSRP of $19,999.


The Jet Ski STX 160 series is powered by a DOHC, 16-valve, parallel 4-cylinder and 1498cc engine. It utilizes a balanced hull, ergonomic riding position, large fuel tank and storage compartment, along with several easy-to-use rider aid functions to create a comfortable and exciting three-seat personal watercraft that appeals to a wide range of riders. The 2023 3-passenger Jet Ski STX 160 is available in Crystal White/Pearl Neon Yellow with an MSRP of $11,199.

In addition to the STX 160’s standard features, the Jet Ski STX 160X features adjustable electronic cruise control speed, which can be set with the UP/DOWN buttons located on the handlebar. It also features a comfort handle grip that tapers outward, making it easier to hold on when riding in a straight line and a premium painted deck.

The 2023 3-passenger Jet Ski STX 160X is available in Ebony/Lime Green with an MSRP of $11,799.

Finally, the Jet Ski STX 160LX flagship model includes the JETSOUND integrated audio system with Bluetooth as standard equipment. The system consists of an amplifier, an audio controller built into the handle, and two speakers placed under the mirrors. It also features a two-tone dedicated deck mat and LXury seat designed to ergonomically fit the rider’s body to further improve comfort. Similar to the STX160X, it comes equipped with a comfort handle grip, adjustable cruise control speed via the UP/DOWN buttons, and a premium painted deck with full graphics.

The 3-passenger 2023 Jet Ski STX 160LX is available in Ebony/Neon Red with an MSRP of $13,499.

3 – Arctic Cat teams up for avalanche safety education From Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat and the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) announced today that AIARE has become Arctic Cat’s official avalanche safety education partner. This relationship will further promote avalanche safety education to a larger audience, so more snowmobile enthusiasts can share the ride safely.

AIARE makes a huge impact on avalanche safety in the snowmobile community, with more than 1,000 students per year attending its in-person avalanche safety courses. The agreement between AIARE and Arctic Cat will provide more support for AIARE’s current team of instructors, which spans eight states with 11 providers, streamline the process of training new instructors, and enable updates to curriculum tools – including offering more online courses to reach and educate more riders.

“Arctic Cat has stepped forward in the motorized industry with a vision to share avalanche awareness with everyone in the riding community,” said Jeff Hambelton of AIARE. “The impact of this partnership with AIARE will support the development of much needed motorized avalanche course instructors and improve the tools available to every backcountry rider to help reduce the number of riders involved in avalanche accidents.” 

Avalanche safety awareness has always been an important focus for Arctic Cat, but with the tragic loss of one of its own, Rob Kincaid, avalanche safety, preparedness, and awareness became a top priority. Kincaid was an advocate of avalanche safety, and Arctic Cat continues to commemorate him by ensuring riders have the resources and information needed to enjoy mountain riding safely.

“Mountain riding is one of the largest segments of snowmobiling,” said Troy Halvorson, director, Product Strategy for Arctic Cat. “The increase of new riders brings a significant educational challenge, and it is our responsibility to provide resources and information for a safe and enjoyable ride experience.”

According to the Colorado Avalanche and Information Center’s national statistics, multi-person avalanche accidents, and avalanche-related fatalities, have increased. More avalanche safety initiatives are needed to ensure riders are aware of the risks, understand how to ride safely, and know what to do if they or a member of their group is involved in an avalanche.

4 – RumbleOn Announces 10-Year Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement with the City of Sturgis, South Dakota for the City of Sturgis Motorcycle RallyFrom Rumble On Inc.

RumbleOn, Inc. (NASDAQ: RMBL) (the “Company” or “RumbleOn”), the nation’s first technology-based omnichannel powersports platform, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive Sponsorship Agreement with the City of Sturgis, South Dakota for its annual City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally event. Held in August every year, the City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was founded in 1938 by a group of Indian Motorcycle riders, and has grown into an iconic event, attracting 555,000 attendees in 2021. This Sponsorship Agreement between RumbleOn and the City of Sturgis consists of a 10-year exclusive Powersports category sponsorship for the City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally events and a prime downtown retail property lease through 2031.

Peter Levy, RumbleOn President and COO stated, “There is no greater event in the motorcycle community for displaying the passion of ownership than the iconic City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. We are thrilled to memorialize our continued partnership with the City of Sturgis as their exclusive Powersports category sponsor.” Levy continued, “Seldom do brands have the opportunity to promote their products on the biggest stage to the highest concentration of their most defined demographic. Every one of the hundreds of thousands of annual attendees sits on the seat of the motorcycles we proudly sell.”

The City of Sturgis Mayor Mark Carstensen said, “We are excited to have RumbleOn as the exclusive Powersports category sponsor for the next decade of the City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The annual pilgrimage to Sturgis brings hundreds of thousands of people with a passion for machines. Whether on the roadways or the trails, the Black Hills have so much to offer. RumbleOn has been a valued partner with Sturgis since 2018, and we look forward to our continued partnership and to fueling the passion for motorsports into the future.”

About RumbleOn

RumbleOn, Inc. is the nation’s first technology-based omnichannel powersports platform. Headquartered in the Dallas Metroplex, RumbleOn is revolutionizing the customer experience for outdoor enthusiasts across the country and making powersport vehicles accessible to more people, in more places than ever before. To learn more please visit us online at

5 – 400 percent increase in footprint size brings new segment to dealershipFrom Powersports Business

DeLand Motorsports & Outdoors in central Florida moved locations, growing in space from 7,500 square feet to 40,000. General manager and managing partner Robert Stacy takes readers inside the move to add tractors and other outdoor power equipment products.


6 – Dealership celebrates 50th anniversary with commercialFrom Powersports Business


7 – Fox Factory Releases First Global Sustainability ReportFrom Fox Factory Holding Corp.

On the heels of World Environment Day, Fox Factory is proud to publish its 2021 sustainability report, building the foundation for the company to enhance its environmental, social and governance performance.

“Over the past several years, we have gone through transformational growth in every possible way. With this, comes the responsibility to create value for the economy, the environment, and people while reducing adverse effects,” said Mike Dennison, President and Chief Executive Officer. “The better we get at that, the better we become.”

The report includes the results of the company’s first materiality assessment which led to the creation of the Fox Factory Frontiers sustainability strategy. This release is a summation of the organization’s current state which provides a foundation for identifying opportunities and setting long-term sustainability goals in the coming months.

“Our mission is to challenge the impossible which now includes exploring ways to become a new kind of champion when it comes to making a positive impact. In the spirit our Fox Core Value of Leadership, “doing the right thing” includes considering what we can do for the world around us. We are standing in front of a long adventure, and we acknowledge that we are just at the beginning of it,” said Jackie Martin, Chief Purpose and Inclusion Officer. “Today, we are taking a big step by comprehensively reporting on our starting point for the first time.”

Key highlights for each strategic pillar outlined in the 2021 sustainability report include:

Product – Redefining Sustainable Performance
Fox Factory is forging a new path where we keep maximum performance as our goal while discovering processes and innovation aligned with sustainability objectives. In 2021, the organization:

  • Completed an emissions cradle-to-gate life-cycle assessment screening for four of our high-volume products as a baseline for understanding sustainable innovation opportunities.

People – United in Shared Well-being and Adventure
People are Fox Factory’s greatest asset. To protect and promote talent, the company is working to harness the power of diverse experiences and is partnering with nonprofit organizations externally to help make the world a better place to live, learn, work and, of course, ride. Last year, the company initiated the following

  • Launched the Realizing Inclusion, Diversity & Engagement (R.I.D.E.) @ Fox initiative to foster a culture of belonging.
  • Completed its first, large-scale global employee survey, garnering an engagement score of 64 percent and qualitative feedback to drive continuous improvement within the organization.

Planet – Protecting Our Global Playground
Fox Factory’s solutions are an integral part of outdoor adventuring. With that comes the responsibility to promote the conscientious use of land as well as expand access to outdoor sport. The company is also exploring ways to reduce the impact on the environment such as minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. The report covers:

  • The launch of Trail Trust, our signature community partnership program focusing on building and maintaining trails, responsible recreation, and expanding access to outdoor adventure
  • Its first GHG inventory, outlining Scope 1 and 2 emissions with an outlook to complete Scope 3

Business Fundamentals – Driving High Standards
The company is dedicated to doing things the right way to ensure continued responsible business growth. “When we race, we race to win” is the mantra used not only from a product performance perspective, but also for the processes and policies needed for a successful business. Fine tuning underway includes:

  • Developing a company-wide governance structure to manage sustainability efforts
  • Conducting a comprehensive update to Code of Ethics and supplier Code of Conduct policies

“We don’t like to sit still here at Fox. We mean it when we say that our purpose as a company is to challenge the impossible and lead in the never-ending pursuit of maximum performance. Sustainability is another opportunity to invest in that purpose. And in return, for putting in that work, we become even better equipped to perform at our best,” Mike stated.

Read Fox Factory’s 2021 sustainability report here.

About Fox Factory Holding Corp. (NASDAQ: FOXF)

Fox Factory Holding Corp. designs and manufactures performance-defining ride dynamics products primarily for bicycles, on-road and off-road vehicles and trucks, side-by-side vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, specialty vehicles and applications, motorcycles, and commercial trucks. The Company is a direct supplier to leading powered vehicle OEMs. Additionally, the Company supplies top bicycle OEMs and their contract manufacturers and provides aftermarket products to retailers and distributors.

FOX is a registered trademark of Fox Factory, Inc. NASDAQ Global Select Market is a registered trademark of The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

8 – Magnum Distributing Now Stocking Hoosier MX TiresFrom Magnum Distributing

Magnum Distributing is expanding their ever changing line up of excellent aftermarket parts once again!  Hoosier Tires has been added to the Magnum lineup of products.

Hoosier has long been a household name in Flat Track Racing.  More recently, they have expanded into the MX tire market in a big way.  Hoosier Racing Tire’s new lineup of motocross tires are rapidly being designed for the rider looking for an advantage on the track.  They offer multiple compounds for every rider from the weekend warrior to the factory racer.  Three popular compounds are the IMX 20, 25 and 30.  The 20 is the softest race spec tire.  The 25 is more for intermediate to hard terrain, and the 30 is geared for a customer-based audience for riders that want to ride multiple weekends without changing the tire.

These tires are made with the same technology used in every racing tire Hoosier develops.  These new designed tires are proudly made in the United States and guaranteed to live up to the company’s slogan, “Tires Designed for Champions.”  In addition to the MX line, Magnum Distributing also offers the Hoosier Flat Track FT tires as well.  For more information on the Hoosier lineup, visit or call 800-783-5859.


Magnum Distributing has been in the power sports industry for 40 years distributing large name products as well as developing our own line of quality, affordable parts for riders of all kinds.  A family owned business, we strive for customer satisfaction and good value.  From gear to engine parts, sprockets, brakes and tires, we have many products to fit your customers’ needs.  For more information on Magnum Distributing, contact us at 800-783-5859.


All-new for 2023, Husqvarna Motorcycles’ FS 450 continues its legacy as a premium supermoto racer. Designed and developed to offer outstanding supermoto performance, the FS 450 is expertly crafted with the latest technology and competition-focused components to create a highly capable circuit racing machine. Finished with new bodywork and improved ergonomics for 2023, the FS 450 is complete with striking white and grey graphics for a distinctive look. Powered by a new 450cc SOHC 4-stroke engine, the performance characteristics of the FS 450 can be fine-tuned using the updated map select switch mounted on the ProTaper handlebars. This sophisticated device allows for full customisation of the machine as it controls the activation of launch control, traction control, and the new Quickshifter, which ensures seamless upshifts.

A new hydro-formed frame enhances rider feedback with the new polyamide-reinforced aluminium subframe playing a vital role in aiding handling and ensuring comfort. Together with the latest WP suspension and a repositioned engine that improves mass centralisation, the FS 450 delivers an exceptional on-track experience for all riders. Assembled skilfully with quality, supermoto-specific hardware including Alpina wheels, a Suter anti-hopping clutch, and high performance Brembo brakes, the FS 450 is undoubtedly built for competition. With all these performance-focused technical advancements, the FS 450 unquestionably remains as the most powerful, best handling, and most complete supermoto machine on the market today.

2023 Technical Highlights 

  • New bodywork with specifically tailored ergonomics for easier movement on the motorcycle
  • New hydro-formed chromium molybdenum frame significantly improves anti-squat behaviour
  • New SOHC engine provides class-leading performance and low weight
  • New Quickshift sensor ensures seamless up-shifting
  • High-performance Brembo hydraulic clutch system
  • New aluminium-polyamide hybrid subframe construction provides specifically calculated rigidity and advanced durability
  • New WP XACT 48 mm front forks with AER technology offer more progressive end-of-stroke damping
  • New WP XACT rear shock design with CFD-optimised main piston and tool-free adjusters
  • New multifunctional map switch, which also activates the Quickshifter, traction- and launch control
  • Premium-quality ProTaper handlebars
  • Electric starter powered by a lightweight Li-Ion 2.0 Ah battery

To further customise the FS 450, a concise selection of high-quality Technical Accessories is available from your local Husqvarna Motorcycles dealership. Each component on offer is designed to enhance on-track performance, reduce weight, or add durability to this exceptional supermoto machine. For enhanced rider safety and unrestricted performance, a premium collection of supermoto-specific Functional Apparel combines innovative technical features for improved comfort, protection, and style. The 2023 FS 450 is now available worldwide from all authorised Husqvarna Motorcycles Dealers. Availability may differ from country to country. For details on pricing and availability, please refer to your national Husqvarna Motorcycles subsidiary or importer.

10 – Dealership adds third location with acquisitionFrom Powersports Business

With more than 45 years of owning powersports dealerships, a dealership group has added its third location thanks to a recent acquisition.

Iron Pony Motorsports Group, with locations in Mansfield and Columbus, Ohio, has purchased Affordable Powersports of Carroll, Ohio.


11 – Polaris hosts Ranger XP Kinetic press eventFrom Powersports Business

We’re still riding a high the day after some seat time as part of the Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic Press Experience in Wyoming, Minnesota. It featured all of the best of the old-school press events that we haven’t experienced since before COVID-19 times. Huge props to Polaris for being the first OEM to jump back into press intro events.


12 – Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation Breaks Ground on Innovative SMART Warehouse in Newnan, GeorgiaFrom Yamaha Motor Corp, USA

Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation (YMMC), based in Newnan, Georgia, broke ground yesterday on a new, advanced, and innovative “SMART” Warehouse, the first of its kind for Yamaha Motor Company worldwide. Using state-of-the-art automated storage and retrieval systems, the new 200,000-square-foot facility will be capable of reducing response time for fulfilling dealer orders for Yamaha WaveRunners, Golf Cars, ATVs, and Side-by-Sides by more than 50 percent.

The new Yamaha SMART Warehouse will improve our overall operational efficiency and the velocity of material flow to our factory assembly lines, allowing us to ultimately get product in the hands of our dealers and customers faster,” said Mike Chrzanowski, President and CEO of Yamaha Motor Corporation. “The demand for all our outdoor recreational products produced at this factory continues to exceed supply and we are pleased to bring this new warehouse facility online as soon as possible.”

SMART is an acronym for Sequenced Material and Reduced Transportation.

The SMART Warehouse’s automated storage and retrieval system for the medium parts will be capable of retrieving and putting away 240 containers per hour, compared to the current rate of 170 containers per hour. The small part automated system will be capable of handling 2400 containers per hour, in comparison to the current capability of 550 containers per day. The new systems will enable Yamaha to reduce forklifts by 50 percent using automatic conveyors and tuggers to move parts through the SMART center to the factories.

The Newnan, Ga. community also stands to benefit from the new Yamaha SMART Warehouse. “The significant investment Yamaha made in this new facility underscores the company’s long-term commitment to our YMMC employees as well as the City of Newnan and Coweta County,” Chrzanowski continued. “This system within the SMART Warehouse will bring higher paid and more skilled jobs into Coweta County, including robotics experts, software developers and systems engineers.”

Designed by SSI SCHAEFER, the new Yamaha SMART Warehouse will also include an observation platform for groups such as students from local schools to learn more about manufacturing and automated processes.

Yamaha expects to complete the SMART Warehouse in 2024.

About Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA (YMUS), is a recognized leader in the outdoor recreation industry. The company’s ever-expanding product offerings include Motorcycles and Scooters, ATV and Side-by-Side vehicles, Snowmobiles, WaveRunner Personal Watercraft, Boats, Outboard Motors, Outdoor Power Equipment, Power Assist Bicycles, Golf Cars, Power Assist Wheelchair Systems, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Robotic Machines, Unmanned Helicopters, Accessories, Apparel, Yamalube products, and much more. YMUS products are sold through a nationwide network of distributors and dealers in the United States.

YMUS has a corporate office in California, two corporate offices in Georgia, facilities in Wisconsin and Alabama, and factory operations in Tennessee and Georgia. Additional U.S.-based subsidiaries include Yamaha Marine Systems Company (YMSC) with divisions Bennett Marine (Florida), Kracor Systems (Wisconsin) and Siren Marine, Inc. (Rhode Island), Skeeter Boats (Texas), with division G3 Boats (Missouri), and Yamaha Precision Propeller (Indiana).