Monday morning press releases and race reports have been the cornerstone of race reporting for years. All of the big and most of the small teams produce a release or race reports each week letting the sponsors know how they did over the weekend. And while I think theses are an important communication tool I can’t help but wonder if there is any real value in them.

Sure, these reports tell us about the race from their team’s perspective with quotes from their riders but do the consumers even read them?

Or are they boring with little to no value? I’m starting to lean toward them lacking value.

So what is a race team to do? Especially one that isn’t ending up on the podium each weekend.

Tell your own story. That’s right; it doesn’t really matter that you finished 10th place in the main event, every rider has a story. In fact, I think this is something that a team can use to build a following all year long.

You can do it as a long form blog with additional video content. Something that you can house on your website as a home base and then distribute out via social media. Using a website as your base allows you to own the content and drive people back to a single location for everything you or your team does.

Few people outside of the industry understand the day to day operations of a race team or professional motocross racer. It goes back to owning your website, controlling your message and distributing the content.

For a team, it can be the behind the scenes of getting the truck ready and collateral produced. For a rider, it can be the training, meal prep and travel required to make it to the pros.

Content like this delivers to both the consumers and sponsors. Consumers get a story, and sponsors get their product in a genuine message.

So what do you think? Are you ready to make the commitment and tell your story?

As always the ideas expressed above are my own and I make no claims to the success or failure of implementing them. They are suggestions to make you think. Please vet all ideas against your personal goals before implementing them.