Cigarettes, Beer and Energy Drinks. What’s next?

Cigarettes, Beer and Energy Drinks. What’s next?

The energy drinks and the capital they provide rule the sport of motocross and supercross. Not only in the United States but around the world. You would be hard pressed to find a series or team anywhere across the globe that does not at least slightly derive their budget dollars from the energy drink giants.

Back in the day, there were cigarette sponsors like Camel, beer companies like Olympia, Miller, and Coors, and even Wrangler jeans. We even had tech companies like Boost Mobile and EA Sports join in.

That all changed several years ago and it’s hard to imagine the sport without their involvement.

And it’s not only the big guys that are taking part.

Sure Monster, Rockstar, and Red Bull support the majority of the support, but even smaller ones like 51Fifty Energy have joined. The energy drink impact is unprecedented.

All of this has had me thinking, what happens to the sport if they go away.

Now I’m not throwing up any red flags here, just thinking.

What would happen?

Could supercross and motocross survive?

Who would replace these companies?

The first logical choice might be the automakers. Toyota is already heavily involved, and I’m sure they see a positive ROI for their efforts. The thought process is solid. Everyone attending a supercross or motocross has to get there somehow, and they most likely drive a car or truck. But then why have we not seen more companies get involved? Sure we had Dodge/Ram with the RCH team for several years, but why did it go away?

What about fast food sponsorships? Everyone eats, right? The problem there is our sport is small numbers compared to the public at large. After all, does your grandma care who won Anaheim 1?  See motocross and supercross is such a small piece of the pie, it’s easy to spend those marketing dollars somewhere else.

I guess there is some real concern. If energy drinks go the way of alcohol and tobacco advertising, we’d be in big trouble. Support of the racers, teams, and series would ultimately fall back into the hands of the sport itself and the OEM’s and companies would need to pick up the pieces.

Something to think about. What are your thoughts?


2017 SX Series Kicks-Off Saturday Night

2017 SX Series Kicks-Off Saturday Night

The 2017 Monster Energy Supercross series kicks off under the lights of Angels Stadium in Anaheim on Saturday night and for the only time this season all of the riders will be on even ground.

Anaheim is always a little bit different and it’s been said you can’t win the championship at Anaheim, you certainly can lose it. With 17 rounds in 18 weeks culminating in Las Vegas in May the Supercross Championship is the crowing jewel in every motocross racers career.

The riders have been testing and training for the last couple of months with the hopes that all of this work will pay off Saturday night with a win. Championships come with consistent finishes so riders will need to avoid chances and risks all while trying to score the maximum points each Saturday night. And it certainly doesn’t hurt if your name is Ryan. A Ryan has won the 450 Supercross championship since 2010.

I pick Jason Anderson to repeat his 2016 victory on Saturday night and Ryan Dungey to claim his 4th SX championship at the final round in Las Vegas this May.

So who’s your pick to win the championship in 2017?

I’ve Joined the Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant Team

I’ve Joined the Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant Team

Industry Veteran Scott Lukaitis Joins Engine Ice Management Team

Merritt Island FL, (January 1, 2017) – Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant, the premier choice for a powersports coolant and antifreeze, is pleased to announce the addition of industry veteran, Scott Lukaitis, to our management team effective January 1st. The timing of the addition coincides with the new year, often considered a starting point for renewal and improvement.

Lukaitis joins the company as the Chief Operating Officer and will work alongside company President and founder Dave Kimmey to expand the brand both domestically and worldwide. Lukaitis brings more than 25 years of powersports business experience to the company.

A lifelong member of the industry, Lukaitis managed the parts and accessory departments at several powersports dealers before taking a role as the global brand manager for Bel-Ray Lubricants in 2010. During his time at Bel-Ray, Lukaitis was instrumental in taking Bel-Ray as a “forgotten brand” to one of the most popular and prominent brands in the industry once again, returning it to the prestige it once held in the 70’s and 80’s. For the last year, under Bel-Ray’s new corporate umbrella, Calumet Specialty Products, Lukaitis managed shows and events for both Bel-Ray and its sister company, Royal Purple, keeping both brands at the front of their respective markets at shows and events around the world.

Lukaitis is also an accomplished photographer with his work published in many powersports industry publications and on the website,, that he has run for years, keeping the history of motocross alive in his home state of New Jersey. He writes about the sport and powersports marketing on his personal site and will contribute his thoughts as a blogger in 2017 to Powersports Business Magazine.

“I’m looking forward to this amazing opportunity with Dave and Engine Ice,” said Lukaitis. “The turn of the calendar to a new year is significant and a symbol of change and improvement for both myself and Engine Ice. Already recognized industry wide as the leader in high performance coolant and antifreeze, Engine Ice is a globally recognized brand and I look forward to helping it grow to the next level in 2017 and beyond. ”

“When I heard that Scott had his position at Bel-Ray vacated, a brand I have looked up to since my own racing days years ago, it was an automatic reaction to reach out to him immediately.” Said David A. Kimmey, President of CycleLogic Products, Inc., “I have known and been friends with Scott for years, and I saw the great job he did at Bel-Ray over the last few years, so he’s proven his value, and our ability to secure his services moving forward is truly an example of being in the “right place at the right time.”

For more information on Engine Ice please visit


Founded in Year 2000 CycleLogic Products, Inc.’s flagship product, Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant, is globally recognized as the premier choice in powersports coolant and antifreeze. It’s revolutionary formula keeps machines running cooler leading to a more stable horsepower delivery, throttle response and engine efficiency. Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is available worldwide through our vast distribution network.

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The Nationals are Coming – 2017 Schedule

The Nationals are Coming – 2017 Schedule

Last week MX Sports announced the schedule for the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Nationals. (News Release Here) All of the 2016 venues remain for 2017 with stops in California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Michigan, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Washington, New York, Maryland and Indiana.

Beginning on May 20th and concluding at the end of August the series takes place during the most intense summer heat and humidity, testing man and machine to their breaking points. 30 minutes + 2 lap motos are a true test of a riders fitness and stamina.

As an East Coast guy, one of the best things about the national series is the proximity to my home in New Jersey. In less than a 4-5 hour drive I can visit the events in Massachusetts, New York and Maryland to check out the great racing action and with the New York and Maryland rounds coming just before the finale in Indiana the chance of seeing a championship wrapped up are pretty good.

The close proximity also means I’ll surely see some local riders making and appearance at these races. Over the years we’ve seen riders break into the points and score good results at the “local” tracks.

So mark your calendar and see you at the track.

Supercross 2017 – My Top 5 Venues

Supercross 2017 – My Top 5 Venues

This afternoon Feld Motorsports announced that ticket sales for the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross series began. (Press Release Here) 17 rounds in 18 weeks all across the country, Monster Energy Supercross is for sure something to be seen in person.

The question here is, are you going to any? For those in the Northeast, Met Life is still on the schedule, but Gilette in Foxboro isn’t. Salt Lake City and Minnesota are back, and so is Seattle.

I’ve been fortunate to attend quite a few events over the last couple of years and have to say, even if the racing sometimes isn’t exciting the events as a whole sure are. Here are my top 5 locations on this schedule and why.

  1. Anaheim 1 – Enough said. The first race of the season. New bikes, new teams, and everyone start off equal. Plus it’s in January, and it’s really nice to escape the Northeast winter and put on shorts for the day. Take a couple of extra days and check out the “moto” sites of Southern California like Pro Circuit, Troy Lee Designs, and Chaparral.
  2. Seattle – Probably my favorite city on the circuit. Stay in Pioneer Square and walk to Pikes Market during the day on Friday and walk to the Supercross on Saturday. A great time in a great place, pack a slicker just in case.
  3. Met Life – This one is a given. I can be home the night of the race. The local Northeast crowd went without a race for so long. This is a must attend for anyone within a 2-3 hour drive.
  4. Atlanta – I don’t know what it is about Atlanta. Maybe it’s the clay or the stadium itself, but this race always delivers excitement. It a short flight or 13-hour drive from NJ but always worth the trip.
  5. Dallas – The house that Jerry built is really something to behold. It’s amazing and a location you should put on your list.

Perhaps you might make a long weekend out of it and check one out.What are your top 5?