Spring Creek National Motocross Photos

Spring Creek National Motocross Photos

I had the opportunity to shoot the AMA National Motocross last weekend at Spring Creek MX in Millville, MN. Although it wasn’t my first trip to the track it was my first time shooting photos.

As always the images are in alphabetical order by the riders “last name” with all holeshot pictures labeled as “start” and several “track” photos of the tower and signs, including a couple of the final checkered flag of the weekend.

All images on Lukaitis Photo are keyworded by the last name of the rider and have been since we began in 2005. By searching the site, you will be able to find all images ever taken under that keyword.

Images are available for use in editorial or commercial use. They are not available for print purchase. Please contact me with any questions.

Check out all of the images at the following link-

Spring Creek National Motocross Images 2018

Suzuki Withdraws from MXGP and All Japan MX

Suzuki Withdraws from MXGP and All Japan MX

In an announcement made public last week Suzuki Motor Corporation confirmed that they were pulling out of MXGP and All Japan Motocross activities. Now, this may come as a surprise to many but the rumor has been floating around out there the last couple of month.

With an all-new RMZ450 for 2018, this announcement seems to come at an odd time. For most OEM’s racing is a large portion of their marketing of the brand. Not only for the specific models but for the brand as a whole. In the old days  “Win on Sunday and sell on Monday” was a common marketing plan to get the brand out there, with this action what kind of marketing effort will the OEM put on the new machine in the global market? Without a presence in international racing will they instead rely on the success of the newly announced JGR racing effort to market the machine?

The other question will be in the development of a new RMZ250 and the continued development of the RMZ450. Traditionally the MXGP and All Japan series both allowed for a manufacturer to test and develop new technology away from the United States racing restrictions.

Suzuki Motor Corporation did something very similar several years ago when they got out of MotoGP to allow themselves time to regroup and then return to competition.

I guess time will tell if this is a similar move or a step away from racing.

Read the complete Suzuki announcement below.


Suzuki Motor Corporation has decided to suspend the FIM World MXGP Championship and All Japan Motocross activities from 2018.

Suzuki Motor Corporation, having reviewed its Motorcycle operations to focus on the core business functions and restructuring of our motorcycle business, concluded to suspend the MXGP activities from 2018.

Suzuki will continue to produce RM-Z250 and 450 series and support those customers the entire world.

Suzuki expresses its great appreciation to sponsors and fans around the world for their strong support to its activities. The company will continue to provide valued products for its customers by utilizing the experiences earned through the Racing activities.

Behind the Scenes @ NJ Motocross…in the beginning

Behind the Scenes @ NJ Motocross…in the beginning

After developing Lukaitis Photo to get my freelance photography off the ground, I quickly realized that without the ability to write about an event the photos would be useless. My writing career had begun and my search for someone to publish it was born.

Early in my career, I wrote about the races I attended for Raceway News and a bit for Cycle News. At the time MotoEast Magazine was in print, and national amateur magazines like Moto Playground and Amateur MX were getting started. I knew the Hultner’s from Amateur MX from the message board MotoNews and asked if they wanted coverage of the Race of Champions. So the 2004 event was the first I covered for them.

A couple of years later as I was writing the race coverage from the 30th-anniversary KROC, I realized the great history that the state has, and before we all got too old to remember what happened I thought it was time to archive the state’s racing history. At the same time, the person that ran marylandmotocross.com was there, and the lightbulb went off… I had to build a New Jersey motocross website. Well, new jersey motocross.com was unavailable, but NJ Motocross was, and I bought the name and started the web hosting right then. Since I was already trying to figure out Front Page for Lukaitis Photo how hard could two sites be?? Eventually, the site launched with a simple design and links to content related to New Jersey motocross.

Early on I realized that there is a connection to New Jersey that never leaves so even if you only lived here a short time so are still a New Jersian. This fact has allowed me to keep people interested in what we do here on the East Coast.

Much like Lukaitis Photo, I found FrontPage to be a little limiting and made the switch to a WordPress platform which we are still running today. Using a Studio Press template, we relaunch with the crisp, clean design you see today.

The site has continued to grow as I continually strive to add new features as often as possible. In its current form, we offer a different feature each day of the week.

Sunday: Then and Now

Monday: Website Review

Tuesday: Tweet of the Week

Wednesday: YouTube Video

Thursday: Training Tip

Friday: Flashback Photo

Saturday: Favorite 5

Also, we are, working on archiving results from years past. So far we have been able to get random race days from several different years that we are converting to text and posting in our results tab on the top of the site.

So check out NJ Motocross when you get a chance and be sure to sign up using our secure AWeber Newsletter Sign-up form for a newsletter that will keep you informed of all the great NJ Motocross content.

Check out our next post for a look around the NJ Motocross website.

Thanks for reading.

Update – August 2018 – NJ Motocross is still on the WordPress platform but has evolved into a more magazine-style design thanks to Elegant Themes and their Divi system.