MX Sports Pro Racing, in partnership with NBC Sports, has announced a 12-round schedule for the upcoming 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing. As the sport continues to navigate the ongoing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic this summer’s racing calendar will welcome the return of some of the most iconic venues in American motocross, with spectator attendance anticipated at every event.

“The 2021 schedule has been developed through a collective effort alongside all of our event organizers, and we’re thrilled to see such legendary venues back on the calendar,” said Roy Janson, Managing Director at MX Sports Pro Racing. “The outlook surrounding the fight to eradicate COVID-19 has provided a sense of optimism amongst our group, which has us hopeful to welcome spectators at all the races while also allowing nearly every one of our events to remain on their traditional dates.

“Safety remains paramount in our efforts to host a successful season and we will continuously monitor all national, state, and local guidelines in an effort to ensure the well-being of our fans, competitors, and series personnel,” continued Janson. “While that may require some level of restriction or limited capacity, it will be in the best interest of all parties.”

The world’s most prestigious off-road motorcycle racing series will visit 10 different states on the journey to crown a pair of national champions, kicking things off on Memorial Day Weekend in the heart of the motocross industry, Southern California. By moving the start of the season to the holiday festivities, competitors will receive a full three weeks of preparation from the conclusion of the AMA Supercross season, which will help ensure that all riders are healthy and at the top of their game for the first gate drop of the summer.

After the opening round the championship will crisscross the country, making highly anticipated returns to venues like High Point Raceway, The Wick 338, Washougal MX Park, Unadilla MX, and Budds Creek Motocross Park before culminating with the season finale on September 11 at Hangtown, the oldest event in American motocross. Along the way, the series will observe four off weekends, further reducing the physical demands of the racers over the course of 29 total events between January and September.

“This is the most prestigious championship in all of motocross and we want to make sure our competitors have the opportunity to be at their best each and every weekend,” explained Davey Coombs, President of MX Sports Pro Racing. “We’ve listened to the challenges they face over the course of a season and have determined that expanding the overall breadth of the 2021 schedule will ultimately benefit the competitiveness on the racetrack, to which our audience will hopefully be rewarded with compelling title fights in both the 450 Class and 250 Class.”

Defending titleholders Zach Osborne and Dylan Ferrandis will headline a decorated contingent of international talent that will go bar-to-bar over the course of 24 motos across both the 450 Class and 250 Class, battling one another as well as Mother Nature in one of motorsports’ most challenging championships. The most coveted titles in motocross await, as the Edison Dye Cup (450 Class) and Gary Jones Cup (250 Class) carry a legacy that spans five decades.

“Passion has and continues to define the legacy of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. From our incredibly loyal fan base to the fearless racers who lay it all on the line in pursuit of victory, there is something truly special about a summer of American motocross,” added Coombs. “On the heels of a difficult year, the return of our most beloved venues and the expectation to welcome fans back to the race means the 2021 season is poised to rejuvenate that passion that has made this the most storied motocross series on the planet.”

Click HERE for the full 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Schedule.

Racer Marketing – Gratitude – Updated

Racer Marketing – Gratitude – Updated

I originally wrote this back in 2016 and it is still relevant today. Take the time to say thank you and stand apart from the crowd. This week I received thanks from 2 racers I helped out with Engine Ice in 2020. Kevin Moranz and Leland Jones. Both racers took the time and invested in their marketing to say thank you to a sponsor. Kevin sent these cool customized decals with him and our logo, while Leland sent a really cool plaque with his image and our logo. These gestures took some time and money but are well worth the effort.

These are things to consider when planning your racing budget for the upcoming season. Don’t forget about marketing yourself and certainly don’t forget to say thank you.

Below is the original post from November 2016.

All around the country the season is pretty much winding down. But before you go into winter hibernation or begin your 2017 prep, I suggest you take a little bit of time to reach out to those that helped you in 2016.

There are a couple of different methods that I recommend ranging from the very simple to the incredibly complex. Here are a couple of ways you can market yourself and express gratitude at the same time.

A simple handwritten Thank You note expressing genuine gratitude will go a long way to building relationships for the future. The act of writing the note in your own words and handwriting is a valuable tool in allowing you to understand the true nature of sponsorship. Sure you can send a thank you email but isn’t the extra effort worth it?

How about a thank you video? Something simple can be completed relatively quickly and would not only show the gratitude to your sponsor but act as an additional piece of content for your blog or social stream.

Another great way to say thanks is to send each sponsor a framed photo of their products in action. I have a couple of these at my desk, and I look at them every day. You can work with a local photographer to buy the image and print them locally at a Walgreen’s or CVS. Get a simple frame and send it off to those that helped.

And finally what about getting something custom made for your sponsors. Companies like MX Trophies can produce one-off or small minimum plaques or signs that serve as a great thank you.

So there you have a couple of ways to give back to those that supported your racing in 2016. What other ways do you use to say thanks? I’m curious to hear them, let me know.

As always the ideas expressed above are my own, and I make no claims to the success or failure of implementing them. They are suggestions to make you think. Please vet all ideas against your personal goals before implementing them.

Suzuki Restructures Motorcycle and Marine Division

Suzuki Restructures Motorcycle and Marine Division

Late last week Suzuki put out the following press release announcing the split of the motorcycle and marine division in their United States operations. The move to separate the divisions will allow each to operate independently where they can control their own destiny and success. The move is effective on April 1, 2021.

The full press release is below.

Executing a comprehensive plan to build a strong foundation for the future, Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. has announced it will restructure its operations in the United States. This new direction will reorganize the Suzuki Motorcycle/ATV and Marine Divisions into two separate companies set to begin operations on April 1, 2021. This new organization is designed to give both new companies the best opportunity to optimize their success in their respective industries.

Suzuki Motor USA, LLC. will be headquartered in Brea, California, Suzuki’s corporate home in the United States since 1981. Suzuki Marine USA, LLC. will be based in Tampa, Florida in the heart of the marine business in North America. Suzuki first entered the United States in 1963 and was originally based in Santa Ana, California before moving to its landmark, Pagoda-inspired building in Santa Fe Springs, California.

Satoshi Uchida will serve as Chairman and Masami Haga will serve as President of the new motorcycle/ATV company. Masahiro Yamamoto will serve as President of the new marine company. “Both the Motorcycle/ATV and Marine Divisions are enjoying solid success in their respective businesses,” said Uchida. “As we proceed in reorganizing into two separate companies, we look forward to the Suzuki brand continuing to thrive in the United States.”

The primary goal of this reorganization is to strengthen each business. Key objectives are to achieve greater efficiencies, speed up decision-making, and position each company for increased sales and growth in the United States.

The location of Suzuki Marine USA, LLC. in Tampa was strategically chosen to expand Suzuki’s business, improve collaboration within the marine industry, and strengthen its relationship with boat builders, dealers, and vendors. The Gulf Coast location also provides convenient access to Suzuki’s new Marine Technical Center opened in Panama City, Florida in June, 2020.

About Suzuki:

Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. (SMAI) distributes Motorcycles, ATVs, Scooters, Outboard Motors, and Automotive Parts, Accessories, and ECSTAR Oils & Chemicals via an extensive dealer network throughout 49 states. Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC), based in Hamamatsu, Japan, is a diversified worldwide manufacturer of Motorcycles, ATVs, Scooters, Automobiles, Outboard Motors, and related products. Founded in 1909 and incorporated in 1920, SMC has business relations with 201 countries/regions. For more information, visit

Friends Stuff Friday – Volume 4 – John Sigismondi

Friends Stuff Friday – Volume 4 – John Sigismondi

Friends stuff Friday – Volume 4 – This week’s Friends Stuff Friday is a moto friend that I’ve known forever. I seem to recall meeting John Sigismondi when I was working at Woodbridge Powersports in the late 80s. John rode for the shop, and after a couple of years into his support ride, he came to me and asked if the owner would be interested in supporting a racing team. The “team” would all have the same gear and sponsors, just like they do professionally, and our local racers would race the local tracks, all presenting a professional image to drive business to the shop. My memory escapes me now, but I remember Jim Kapitan, Mike Peat, Jimmy McIlvaine, and John being involved with the team the first year. I think it was 1995, and I recall John lining up sponsorship for the team from companies like Thor, FMF, and Pirelli. Maybe John can find some old photos of the team.

Anyway, from there, John kept on hustling, eventually winding up at what is now Feld Entertainment taking care of freestyle events across the country. He moved to Florida, where he and his wife Kim raised their children and built themselves a great life.

Now for the cool thing that John is up to at the moment. He and his son Jack are at the helm of the new and improved Tampa MX track. They purchased the track from the previous owners, and with the help of another Jersey guy, Bobby Jimenez, they’ve rebuilt the entire track and are doing great things for the local motocross scene.

If I know one thing about John, when he puts his mind to something, watch out, great things will follow.

If you are in the Tampa, FL area, check it out and tell him I said hi.

What is Friends Stuff Friday? Ok. Here’s the deal, I am fortunate to have some incredibly talented friends and acquaintances, and I got to thinking, how can I let the world know about them and what they do? That’s where this post comes in. Each week, I’ll gather up some of the cool stuff people I know have done or are involved with and post it here for everyone to see. If you like what they are doing, give them a follow, drop them a message, and let them know how cool what they are doing is. I have to admit, this isn’t an original idea, I did something on social media a long time ago, I just felt it was the right time to get it going again.

Raceway Park Motocross Photos from 11/1/2020

Raceway Park Motocross Photos from 11/1/2020

Lukaitis Photo was on hand for the event to capture the racing action at Raceway Park on Sunday, November 1, 2020. All of the images can be found at the link below.

Lukaitis Photo images from November 1, 2020

As always the images are in alphabetical order by the riders “last name” with all holeshot pictures labeled as “start”.

All images on Lukaitis Photo are keyworded by the last name of each rider and have been since we began in 2005. By searching the site, you will be able to find all images ever taken under that keyword.

Images are available for purchase in print or digital forms for as low as $1.99 each. Please purchase the digital download if you are planning on using the image on your social media accounts. There are several print options available. Anything from a standard print to more art worthy canvas and glass prints.

As always, thank you for your support.