Bike Giveaway in Wisconsin

Bike Giveaway in Wisconsin

One of the great parts of my job is being able to execute promotions that we do. One such promotion was the RCH bike Giveaway contest that we ran in conjunction with the Supercross and National motocross series.

After thousands of entries, a winner was chosen and arrangements were made for us to deliver the bike. Chris Flairty of Waukesha, Wisconsin was the winner. On October 2nd, Sportland 2 of Oak Creek, Wisconsin assisted with the delivery. I flew in for the day and presented Chris with his new bike.

Check out some photos from the event below.

Recent Work – Why We Race

Recent Work – Why We Race


Working for Bel-Ray, I am often called upon to produce content for not only our website but for additional publications as well. Below is a recent article I wrote for our monthly Tech Notes Technical publication.

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Why Bel-Ray Supports Powersports Racing

Since the early days of motorcycle racing, Bel-Ray has provided support and sponsorship to racers in their quest for victory. Racers like Roger DeCoster and Brad Lackey raced to World Championships using Bel-Ray products and proudly displaying the Bel-Ray logo. For Bel-Ray, however, racing is more than a sticker on a fender; it is more than an advertising or marketing opportunity. For Bel-Ray, supporting powersports racing is a chance to make a better product.

Professional racing puts finely tuned machines to the most extreme tests of performance. Under these tests, only the best products survive. Working with the top racers in the sport, Bel-Ray can take existing products and improve their performance. Additionally, these teams and riders help Bel-Ray develop and perfect new products for consumer use.

Bel-Ray’s Blue Tac Chain Lube is an excellent example of a product developed through racing. Several years ago Bel-Ray was approached by a prominent World Superbike team to develop a chain lube that would not fling off under the demands and speeds of world championship racing. Bel-Ray R&D technicians and race team members worked together through several formulas to develop the chain lube that you see on dealers’ shelves today. By using professional racing as a test bed, results can be obtained more quickly and in a more controlled environment than a typical focus group of retail consumers.

In 2012 Bel-Ray has been working very closely with the Rockstar Energy Racing Suzuki team to develop new products that will eventually find their way to dealerships around the world. Bel-Ray representatives are on site at racing events discussing with the riders and mechanics the pros and cons of various formulas and types of product. Samples of new products in use are typically obtained, following a day of racing, for analysis back in their lab. This lab work, coupled with real-world test data, results in the development of the highest performing products.

So when you see a Bel-Ray racer on TV or at an event, you will know they are making the product you use better.

BelRay Tech Notes

Screenshot of the article above as it appears on The image of Jason Anderson was also sh0t by me.

What Do I Own?

What Do I Own?

I started writing for an ATV Magazine Blog again the other day. My posts will be about the trials and tribulations that I encounter at a motorcycle dealer over my many years of employment. I hope you enjoy it.

What do I own? The key to getting correct parts…the first time.

May 22, 2010 by Scott Lukaitis

This is part one of a multi-part series, “From the Parts Counter” Our goal with this series is to help you deal more accurately and effectively with your local dealer’s parts and accessory department.

For a long time, part and accessory department manager in the motorcycle business, one of the biggest pet peeves we all have is when the customer (you) doesn’t know what they own.

That’s right, you would be surprised that many people don’t even know what they are riding.

Trust me, ” they’re all the same” or “the red one” will not get you the correct parts.

Before you head down to your neighborhood, friendly powersports dealer take a minute and determine what you are riding. Year, make and accurate model information will help to make sure you get the correct parts the first time. If you are not sure what you are riding take down the serial number off the frame and bring it with you. The parts guy can enter that number in his computer system and determine the correct model information from the beginning.

Keep in mind I’ve probably never been in your garage so I don’t know that you may have an aftermarket pipe or swingarm on your quad. Or that your motor is off of a 2007 model,  not a 2010 model. That is important information.

So keep in mind next time you need parts, the more complete and accurate your information is the more accurate I can be at the parts counter.